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Determining the density of an irregular solid - Lab Report Example

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Challenge to the determination of the density of an irregular solid is poised to its non-conformity to the any three-dimensional object that are used in the functional determination of the volume of natural and synthetic three dimensional objects…
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Determining the density of an irregular solid
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"Determining the density of an irregular solid"

Download file to see previous pages From the microscopic point of view, any material usually has a specific arrangement of its atoms. The bonding between the atoms determines the strength of the material. Due to uniformity in the arrangement of particles in any solid, the density of the material is observed to be equal irrespective of the size. It was not until Archimedes invention that the problem of measuring the volume of irregularly shaped object was completely resolved. From Archimedes discovery, the volume of water displaced by a completely submerged object was realized to be similar to the volume of the object, which is submerged in water. Having determined the volume, it is used in the determination of the density of the object after the mass of the object is established through measuring (Franklin Turner Jones, 2007). This paper seeks to give an in-depth analysis of the determination of the density of an irregularly shaped body.
2.0 Relevance of Your Testable Question The research seeks to realize the volume of the irregular object, which is useful in determining the density of the irregular object. Water displaced during the experiment acts as a representative of the irregular object volume, which is difficult to realize through other modern available computation means such as calculus. 3.0 Literature Review 3.1 History of density and Archimedes principle Archimedes principles hail from the era before the global Christendom of the Middle East region. In its ancient form, Archimedes confused volume with density where the water displaced was equated to density rather than the volume. It is interesting to give an account of how this striking discovery was innovated. This Archimedes principle, as the new volume computation methodology was coined, was discovered after Archimedes puzzle over the spilling of water in a bath filled to the brim when he was bathing. Archimedes expected the water to remain at the bath’s brim level even with his body completely immersed in the bath water. He then went on to reason that the volume of the water that spilled over from the bath was equal to the volume of his body submerged under water (Susan Weiner &Blaine Harrison, 2010). However, this literal interpretational use of the Archimedes principle was revised to imply that the buoyancy force experienced by a submerged object is directly proportional to the density of the submerged object. Formula Buoyant force opposes an object’s weight. The pressure exerted on a body while in liquid is proportional to the depth submerged. This thus translates to the fact that the top of an object experiences less pressure than the bottom when fully immersed in water. According to Archimedes principle, the buoyant force on an object is equal to the weight of the fluid it displaces. Thus, for objects of equivalent mass but different volumes, objects with larger volumes have greater buoyancy. Mathematically, Buoyancy = weight of displaced fluid Alternatively, it can be reformulated to Apparent immersed weight = weight – displaced fluid weight By using the weights quotients expanded by the mutual volume, Density/density of fluid = weight/weight of displaced fluid. 3.2 A review from related articles: how to evaluate density of an irregular solid; According to Willis and Shirley (1999), different bodies float differently in fluids of different densities depending on the up thrust force. However, if the density of the given body is higher than that of the relative fluid, the body completely sinks. Normally, water ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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