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Give a description of the Cosmological Principle, and present a summary in your own words. Is it a truly scientific principle - Essay Example

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Introduction The surroundings around which man reside have been having various impact on him either directly or indirectly. As a result, he has continuously been exploring it to get a clear understanding of the interaction between him and them. Some of these objects are found on earth while others are found on the in space…
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Give a description of the Cosmological Principle, and present a summary in your own words. Is it a truly scientific principle
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"Give a description of the Cosmological Principle, and present a summary in your own words. Is it a truly scientific principle"

Download file to see previous pages This paper seeks to give an in-depth analysis of the cosmological principle. Cosmological principle There have been various perspectives on the uniformity of the earth at any position. Some people do argue that the differences in the earth are there and evident which is in contradiction with the scientific point of view. The cosmological principle is entirely based on scientific principles and it argues that the earth is uniform irrespective of the point of reference. To many people, this is not observed to be so because they usually consider the physical features. In terms of physical features, differences are evident with some regions being mountainous while others are covered by water bodies. Despite this, the laws of physics have proved that they are applicable in all these situations without deviations. Due to technological advancement, there are various means used in observing the world mainly machinery with improved precision to identify any deviations (Ferreira, 2007). The cosmological principle has three implicit qualifications and two testable consequences. They usually play a significant role in ensuring a clear understanding of the entire principle is clearly got. ...
In critical analysis of the laws of physics, factors such as wavelength and electronic charge are observed to be constrained. The final qualification refers to distinction between large bodies around the earth, such as the sun, stars. It is evident that some galaxies moves towards the earth while other moves far away. It is evident that all these bodies are independent of each other but none of them violates the laws of physics. Testable Structural consequences of Cosmological principle Homogeneity-This mainly refers to the uniformity of the earth from various position an observer may view it. Isotropy-Isotropy refers to uniformity in observation despite looking in any direction in the earth (Cheng, 2005). Despite the differences in the principles, they are all interrelated. The cosmological principle is observed to be in line with the isotropy of other large bodies around the earth. Some of these bodies include radio galaxies, red shift, and cosmic microwave background radiation among others. These relations are observed to have a direct and indirectly impacts on the earth and thus their presence cannot be neglected. In addition, some observed characteristics are because of interaction between the various galaxies. A good example is the Sloan digital sky survey. The early cosmologies argued that the earth was at the center of the universe. After many years of research, Isaac newton in mid seventeenth century came up with the new cosmology. According to him, the earth is spherical and in constant motion around the sun in specified direction and path. The earth is not located adjacent to the sun with a very large distance between them. In his quest to understand the relation between the various ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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