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Cause and effects of Ozone Depletion - Research Paper Example

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Causes and effects of Ozone Depletion Causes and effects of Ozone Depletion In every year, September 16 th is celebrated as the Ozone day by us. Even though oxygen is responsible for sustaining our lives on earth, no Oxygen day celebration is taking place in this world…
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Cause and effects of Ozone Depletion
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Download file to see previous pages The effect of ozone depletion is more than what one would anticipate. This paper analyses the causes and effects of ozone depletion. Causes of ozone depletion “The fact that the ozone layer was being depleted was discovered in the mid-1980s. The main cause of this is the release of CFCs, chlorofluorocarbons”(Ozone depletion, n. d). Ozone layer is present in the stratosphere. Majority of the refrigerators and sprays used by us contains CFC in one form or other. When we dispose these things injudiciously, CFC gets liberated from these things and reaches the stratosphere. At stratosphere, CFC’s will react with ultraviolet radiations and liberate chlorine gas. Chlorine is a highly reactive gas and it will react with Ozone (O3) and liberates oxygen (O2) molecules. Because of the high reactivity of Chlorine, each chlorine atom can destroy more than hundred thousand ozone molecules. Thus increased presence of Chlorine in stratosphere is the major reason for the depletion of ozone layer. Even though chlorine is produced from different other manmade activities, none of those chlorine reaches stratosphere because of its high solubility with water. These Chlorine atoms have the ability to reach only up to the troposphere in which it forces to combine with the rain water. “In contrast, CFCs are very stable and do not dissolve in rain. There are no natural processes that remove the CFCs from the lower atmosphere. Over time, winds drive the CFCs into the stratosphere”(Sources of ozone depletion, n. d) “Large volcanic eruptions can have an indirect effect on ozone levels. Volcanic eruptions can produce large amounts of particles called aerosols. These aerosols increase chlorine’s effectiveness at destroying ozone” (Sources of ozone depletion, n. d). Aerosols contains large amount of CFC’s which can reach up to the stratosphere. Apart from CFC, oxides of nitrogen also cause damages to Ozone layer. Supersonic Aircrafts and space shuttles liberate oxides of nitrogen which will react with ozone layer and liberate oxygen molecules. The widespread use of artificial fertilizers may also release nitrogen oxides into the stratosphere, although this potential effect is not yet fully defined (Sources of ozone depletion, n. d).Nitrogen is one of the major contents of the chemical fertilizers. It can react with oxygen and form different oxides of nitrogen. These gases have the capacity to reach even stratosphere even though the scientific proofs are not there. Effects of ozone depletion Ozone layer depletion will increase the amount of ultraviolet radiations reaching on earth. Increased exposure to ultraviolet rays may cause chronic skin cancers like Malignant Melanoma among human beings. “Every time 1% of the ozone layer is depleted, 2% more UV-B is able to reach the surface of the planet. UV-B increase is one of the most harmful consequences of ozone depletion because it can cause skin cancer” (Ozone depletion: effects, n. d). Birth defects, visual defects, lung diseases malaria etc are other diseases which can be increased among humans as a result of the increased exposure to ultraviolet radiations. Ultraviolet radiations can cause damages to plant lives also. The natural immunity of the plants could be damaged as a result of the increased exposure of ultraviolet radiations. As a result of that yields from the agricultural crops ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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