The Effect of the Ozone Layer on the Greenhouse Effect - Research Paper Example

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These changes are owing to heat ensnared by various green house gases encompassing carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, CFCs and ozone. It refers to the plodding…
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The Effect of the Ozone Layer on the Greenhouse Effect
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Download file to see previous pages This augmentation in the temperature of the planet is called Global Warming. Normal greenhouse gases allow only sunlight and impede other hazardous radiations from reaching the Earth’s surface. An increase in temperature is due to emancipation of various gases called as green house gases which encompass smokestacks, vehicles, fossil fuels, appending to the standard Earth’s greenhouse effect. Researchers have estimated that if this rise in temperature will continue it is going to have devastating impact on climate patterns resulting in drifts, melting of glaciers and elevation in the sea level (Climate changes).
Molina and Rowland in 1974, were the first to warn about the chemical activity being displayed by the chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) towards destruction of stratospheric ozone layer, a protective shield that prevents all the living beings on the planet from harmful radiation. CFCs have long lifetime in the atmosphere; moreover, CFCs get chemically decomposed in stratosphere as well as they catalyze the depletion of ozone. This is a matter of utmost concern and a call for policymakers and public to act on. Consequently, 24 nations together with European Community signed Montreal Protocol, today 196 governments are part of it and are in compliance with the strict controls. 98 percent of ozone depleting chemicals has been phased out worldwide. Accordingly, ozone layer is witnessing a phase of recovery which is likely to be accomplished by 2065. Without, this rigorous step, CFCs and other ozone depleting substances (ODSs) would have destroyed two-thirds of the ozone layer by 2065, millions of cancer cases would have been introduced and potentially half of the global agriculture would have been lost. It is documented that most of the ODSs are also greenhouse gases (GHGs) responsible for keeping the earth warm. Estimations ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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