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Alternating Current and Direct Current - Essay Example

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This paper will comprehensively discriminate between alternative current and direct current, major differences will be highlighted and a conclusion will be presented at the end of the paper. One advantage of alternating current is that it is relatively cheap to change the voltage of the current…
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Alternating Current and Direct Current
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"Alternating Current and Direct Current"

Download file to see previous pages The paper shed light upon several advantages and disadvantages of both DC and AC, how AC is converted into DC has also been discussed in this paper. It is important to note that DC is easier to analyze and has a plethora of other advantages but DC’s inability to convert different voltages is a big con because of which AC is used more widely then DC. However, the modern day electricity devices require DC so they come with automatic converters that instantly convert AC into DC. For transferring current over a long-distance DC is used because it is cost-effective but otherwise AC is used, another difference is that people in North America use AC and people in European counties use DC. These were some of the advantages, disadvantages and the most important differences between alternative current and direct current. Alternative current won over direct current in the 20th century when it was chosen over DC because people considered it more reliable, it had very few risks and this is why it was chosen as the standard current in North America, DC on the other hand had several major issues which were later sorted out and fixed. After fixing the major issues with DC several European countries chose it as their standard current, these days DC is being used in some of the elite European countries. It is necessary to have a circuit in order to distribute electricity. A circuit is usually made up of two wires which lead up to a device which uses electricity. In the case of alternating current, one of the two wires is positive and the other is either neutral which is also known as ground or negative, the two wires take their turns which enables sending electricity. In direct current the process works a little differently, the polarity in DC is always the same unlike in the case of AC where in polarity differs, in a DC circuit one wire is negative which means the other is sending electricity and is positive, the negative wire does not send electricity in a DC circuit. There is no cyclic change and hence no hum in a DC, it is a fact that DC scores over AC in long-distances. In high-voltage transmission also DC is preferred because in AC a lot of electricity is lost, in DC less wastage takes place and this is why it scores over AC. AC scores over DC when it comes to converting DC into AC, it takes a lot of money to do that and it is not advisable to do so. DC should ideally be used only for long-distance transmission and AC in all other circumstances. Heating elements and light bulbs hardly care if the electricity supplied to them is DC or AC but it is very important to note that most modern day electrical gadgets require DC to work effectively. These days a transformer is used which consistently converts AC into DC for the devices to work effectively. In countries like Canada and the United States AC outlets have a voltage of 115 V and this is at 60 Hz. In European countries this is much different; most countries use 220 to 240 V which is about 50 Hz. It is also important to understand how peak voltage works, 115 V AC power usually has a peak voltage which is in the region of 163 V. Home and office electrical outlets are delivered electricity when the terminal has one hot and one neutral terminal. AC voltage is preferred by several people because a transformer is used to convert it into DC and it is very easy and a reliable source of getting direct current. A transformer consists of two inductors, the loops and turns present in these inductors are very different from each other. The number of turns usually determines the ratio of primary to secondary voltage. Electric generators have been made to produce alternating current, they can also produce DC but this can only be done by using a rectifier. A rectifier is made up of diodes which are also the most important part of a rectifier; the main use of a diode is that it allows the current to flow only in a single direction. DC power can also be converted into AC power; this can be done by using an inverter. Heating and arcing are two problems which are involved in producing AC and DC, alternating current can be generated at a much higher voltage than DC and the best part is that there will be fewer problems like heating and arcing. It is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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