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Understanding Language on a Post-Structuralist Thinking - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Understanding Language on a Post-Structuralist Thinking,” the author focuses on post-structuralism, which is a label that was designed by the American academics in order to denote the heterogeneous works of a series of the mid-20th century French…
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Extract of sample "Understanding Language on a Post-Structuralist Thinking"

Download file to see previous pages Besides, the identity of the author is a stable self having a single discernible intent is considered as fictional. However, post-structuralism refutes the notion that a literary text has a single purpose and meaning as well as singular existence. Nonetheless, each reader creates a new and individual meaning, purpose and existence of a given text. Besides the literary theory, this situation is usually generalizable to any particular situation that has the subject perceiving a sign3.
In the post-structuralist approach to the textual analysis, the reader usually replaces the author as the main subject of iniquity. This displacement is commonly known as destabilizing the author, even though it has a significant impact on the text itself. Levinas argues that, to the contingency of the story, language refers to the position of the speaker and the listener. Levinas adds that it is a senseless task to seize by inventory all the language contexts as well as all the possible positions of the interlocutors. Each verbal significance lies at the confluence of numerous semantic rivers4.
Instead of focusing on the relations within a fixed system or the intrinsic properties of the words, the poststructuralists usually investigate the extrinsic conditions; the social intentions of language users in their critical analyses of texts. Texts obtain the same provisional status, one linked closely to the process of their products other than their reference to the worldly phenomena. The texts are deconstructed, meaning that they are read against themselves so as to reveal the aporias (self-generated paradoxes) and expose their social interests and techniques in their construction 5.
In relation to deconstruction, the major theory that is associated with structuralism is binary opposition. It argues that there are certain theoretical and conceptual opposites arranged in a hierarchy, which human logic has given to text such as speech/writing, signifier/signified, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Understanding Language on a Post-Structuralist Thinking Assignment, n.d.)
Understanding Language on a Post-Structuralist Thinking Assignment.
(Understanding Language on a Post-Structuralist Thinking Assignment)
Understanding Language on a Post-Structuralist Thinking Assignment.
“Understanding Language on a Post-Structuralist Thinking Assignment”.
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