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Comparison of Plato and Confucius and their Contemporary Relevance - Essay Example

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This paper "Comparison of Plato and Confucius and their Contemporary Relevance" discusses Plato and Confucius that is in a sense, timeless. Their views often contrast with each other in ways that reveal the differences between the two cultures and their philosophies…
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Comparison of Plato and Confucius and their Contemporary Relevance
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Extract of sample "Comparison of Plato and Confucius and their Contemporary Relevance"

Download file to see previous pages They were, however, used, later on, to enforce the hierarchies that were practised by the state. Thus, even though they are separated by a great geographical and cultural distance the two works do exhibit certain similarities that place them together as two of the most important philosophical treatises to have come out of the ancient world. This paper shall seek to compare and contrast the works of both these philosophers and analyze their contemporary relevance. The paper shall also seek to analyze the different emphases of the two authors and how the ideas that the two philosophers talk of is relevant even for the people of today. This, the paper shall argue is the main reason for the timeless appeal that is a characteristic of both the works of philosophy. The paper shall look at the Apology, Crito and Gorgias by Plato and the Analects of Confucius for a discussion of the views of the two philosophers.

Plato placed great emphasis on the life of the human being as an individual. He sought the development of the individual. He did not propose the development of the individual at the expense of the state. He, however, did propose a certain degree of independence as far as mental activity is concerned when it came to the individual and the state. This can be seen in his mockery of the apparatus of the state when it came to his trial. These events are talked of at great length in Plato’s Apology. In this tract, he laments the lack of individual freedom that is provided by the state to its citizens. Such a lack of freedom would result in the intellectual stagnation of the people. This is what had happened to the people of Athens, according to Socrates. They had become used to the ways of Athenian society and were reluctant to change themselves. The people had forgotten to question traditions. Such questioning was what would lead to a better society and better individuals, according to Socrates.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Comparison of Plato and Confucius and their Contemporary Relevance Essay, n.d.)
Comparison of Plato and Confucius and their Contemporary Relevance Essay.
(Comparison of Plato and Confucius and Their Contemporary Relevance Essay)
Comparison of Plato and Confucius and Their Contemporary Relevance Essay.
“Comparison of Plato and Confucius and Their Contemporary Relevance Essay”.
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