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Different Views On The Physicalism And Features Of Them - Essay Example

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The paper "Different Views On The Physicalism And Features Of Them" discusses Lewis’ and Jackson’s arguments about physicalism. The writer states that Jackson’s argument is stronger since it is only one-sided, while that of Jackson addresses the two sides, physicalism and knowledge argument…
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Different Views On The Physicalism And Features Of Them
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Extract of sample "Different Views On The Physicalism And Features Of Them"

Download file to see previous pages This is concerned with Mary’s total nature of the body of knowledge when she is still under confinement. If this was the case with Mary, then the physicalism threats would not be there. Following such logical consequences and physical knowledge would have helped her know everything about the outside world.
On the other hand, Mary lacked knowledge of physicalism, which is also against the knowledge argument. This is knowledge about other people’s experiences; apart from what she was experiencing (Frank293). She gets new experiences when she is released, about color red as such facts were not there for her to know, something she had never known before. Though physicalism can argue that she got to learn that after her release, knowledge argument still will not agree with it. The problem with physicalism is that Mary learns of her impoverishment when she learns new things after her release. There are three things that Jackson learns from Mary’s experience. First, Mary knows physical about other people that there is to know before her release. However, she does not know all physical things about other people before her release because she learns some new knowledge about other people upon her release. Therefore, Jackson concludes that there exists some truth about her and other people which escape the story of physicalism (Frank 295).
Lewis believes that on her release, Mary neither learns nor acquires knowledge in the sense that is relevant. This is because, the premise case argues that though, on her release, she learns something, which is knowledge she did not have beforehand, what she knew whether, in the description, acquaintance, or whatever, it was incomplete (Franc 294). According to Lewis, the only difference is that she did not learn it in a relevant sense. He says that what Mary learns when she is released is only an imaginative ability or a certain representation of knowledge. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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