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The Use of Rhetoric in the Electronic Age - Article Example

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The focus of "The Use of Rhetoric in the Electronic Age" paper is to evaluate the use of rhetoric and in doing so it is submitted as a central proposition of this paper that whilst the boundaries of the classical theory have clearly been redefined as a result of post-modern cultural theory…
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The Use of Rhetoric in the Electronic Age
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Extract of sample "The Use of Rhetoric in the Electronic Age"

Download file to see previous pages The rubric of the rhetorical theory is an extremely contested discipline with classical rhetoric theory focusing on the concept of rhetoric as a form of persuasion or an ideological perspective that asserts “rhetoric’s role in upholding power and domination” over the “general public” as the underlying basis of societal communication (Stacks & Salwen, 2008, p.240). However, the boundaries of the classical rhetorical theory have been challenged by cultural change, context and the permeation of alternative perspectives. 

In particular, the impact of the digital revolution and the growth of numerous multimedia streams on cultural norms has challenged classical theory propounding the function of rhetoric as serving solely a persuasive function.  

If we first consider the proliferation of the internet, online growth has facilitated novel societal trends and business opportunities through the piecemeal evolution of electronic commerce, thereby creating a new social and business model accommodating the contemporary market and thereby redefining culture. For example, the creation of multi-faceted digital space has seen a significant uptake in particular by youth on a global scale, thereby perpetuating a domino effect on culture, sub-cultures and social behavior through the “commercialization of youth” on the one side to changing communication trends with social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Bebo on the other (Cross, 2004, p.3).

This has, in turn, created polarity in the debate relating to the wider impact of the role of rhetoric in the electronic age. The root of rhetoric is the use of linguistic devices to exert influence on society and the impact of social networking widens the rigidity of classic rhetoric theory as a result of the novel methods of social communication. Whilst some commentators suggest that the increasing autonomy of individuals in choosing their social network and communication channels has eroded the classical rhetoric paradigm.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Use of Rhetoric in the Electronic Age Article.
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