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The Purpose of Speech in the Book of Chuang Tzu - Term Paper Example

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"The Purpose of Speech in the Book of Chuang Tzu" paper focuses on speech which occupies one of the central places among the concepts discussed by Chuang Tzu. The philosopher discusses its value and meaning, condemning modern philosophers for their love for eloquence. …
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The Purpose of Speech in the Book of Chuang Tzu
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Extract of sample "The Purpose of Speech in the Book of Chuang Tzu"

Download file to see previous pages We are not able to see the world in its entirety and get separated from Tao, unable to find the way. This position is explained in Chapter II, demonstrating how Dao, the great law, makes things equal. Chapters IV, XI, XIII, and XXII add much to our understanding of the essence of speech. The philosopher also dwells on the significance of silence. In Chapter XXVII the author demonstrates that properly organized speech of the wise serves the great purpose of human education and enlightening. Speech is the major instrument of human communication and cognition, must be used properly.

Speech is very powerful. With its help, humans can narrate events, and draw pictures so vivid and great that listeners are astonished. With the help of speech, humans can describe things that do not even exist, and yet the greatness of those things and phenomena makes you frightened. Those things and phenomena may be incomprehensible and obscure, and yet through the speech of a good narrator or a sage one can get a notion of them. In Chapter I, Section 5 Jian Wu tells Lian Shu of Jie Yu, whose words are great, though nothing corresponds to them in reality, “once gone, they could not be brought back”. Those words were “like the Milky Way which cannot be traced to its beginning or end” and “they had no connection with one another, and were not akin to the experiences of men.” This way Jian Wu was introduced to notions beyond human experience, and he was frightened and astonished by them.

Not only the man has spoken, but we can hear the voice of the Earth and Heaven as well. The Earth and Heaven speak with their winds, and all the things in the world produce some sound, communicating with the Universe. However, only a few men are able to hear those voices. Speech is an instrument and it must be used harmoniously and for the overall benefit. Each thing uses its speech to express its moods and to share its knowledge with the others.

One of the purposes of speech is to share knowledge with others. However, humans differ in their knowledge and in their speeches.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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