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Critical review for Chinese history - Book Report/Review Example

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It is credited to Sun Tzu who is also known as the "Sun Wu" and "Sunzi". Zi is basically added onto the name to show respect and roughly translates either ‘Sir’ or master. Sun Tzu was a Chinese…
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Critical book review for Chinese history
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Extract of sample "Critical review for Chinese history"

Download file to see previous pages The content within this compilation is composed of a total of 13 chapters. Each one of the chapter is dedicated to one particular facet of combat and warfare. This assemblage is extremely famous and renowned and is commonly recognized as the ultimate and definitive work which is near to perfect when it comes to all things war and the military tactic, policies and strategies of the general’s time.
The Art of War is the most eminent work and extremely famous in China. It is the most prominent and perhaps even the most dominant of the Seven Military Classics in China. It has been on occasions quoted to be the biggest and the most important military treasure which is cited to have great value for all of Asia. The prominence and popularity of the book is depicted in the fact that it is not only known in military circles but is also a recognized name amongst common people. The book’s power is not only limited to Asia and has the potential to sway and has swayed both the Eastern as well as Western military tactics and thinking, business strategies, legal policies and procedures and much more.
There have been several translations of the famous compilation. The first one ever was done by Jesuit Jean Joseph Marie Amiot who was a French and naturally the first translation was in the French language done in 1772. Everard Ferguson Calthrop, a British army officer attempted a partial translation of the Art of War into the English language in the year 1905. The translation into the English language translation was finally done and was published in 1910 by Lionel Giles. The fact that this book has the power to influence the overall warfare strategy lies in the proof that several diverse leaders such as General Vo Nguyen Giap, Mao Zedong, General Douglas MacArthur, Baron Antoine-Henri Jomini, and several many leaders of Imperial Japan have been inspired with this work of art on the subject of war.
Sun Tzu is majorly of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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