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Critical Analysis of The Purpose Driven Church - Book Report/Review Example

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The author focuses on "The Purpose Driven Church" by Warren who has had a profound impact on the thinking of church leadership today those groups who support his leadership model. He outlines the five purposes for driving church growth as worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism…
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Critical Book Analysis of The Purpose Driven Church
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Download file to see previous pages The book’s target audience includes ambitious new pastors, experienced pastors who want to significantly expand membership, pastors of dying churches who want to resurrect a comatose congregation, and church leaders who will support pastors in doing so, with Warren’s model. The book is especially intended for pastors who do not rotate among denominational ministries, but who can stay put and grow their own ministries. A less discernible audience is Warren himself, who is reflecting on his experience with building a church.
The sole purpose for writing this book is to use his own ministry as an example, to describe his road to success and inspire other pastors and their churches to achieve success, through well-defined purpose and harmony of purpose. He claims that the church purpose brings hope. He operationally defines church-building success as numerical growth. Numerical growth is responsive to changes made in the packaging of the product. The modern packaging is a response to market indications of customer preference.
Warren’s purpose was well-accomplished, in that his book has inspired many churches toward numerical growth, motivated them to become more purposeful and to provide fun experiences, which avoid boring churched and unchurched alike. However, Penfold notes that a majority of church growth is a result of Christians transferring into a more fun, purpose driven church, and a minority of growth is due to conversion. In that sense, Warren has not entirely fulfilled his purpose and vision.
The model he presents is aimed at attracting and sustaining the interest of the un-churched community. The underlying assumption is that people don’t attend church because it is boring and does not meet their needs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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