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Generally, the premise that ‘if cultural relativism is true’ is a conditional statement and as far as the definition of cultural relativity is concerned, it is noted that no culture is superior to…
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Argument from moral equivalence
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ARGUMENT FROM MORAL EQUIVALENCE This claim is valid because of the structure of its premise, which is true. Generally, the premise that ‘if cultural relativism is true’ is a conditional statement and as far as the definition of cultural relativity is concerned, it is noted that no culture is superior to the other (American Psychiatric Association, 1994). Indeed, if cultural relativity is true, then it means no culture is superior to the other. If no culture is superior to the other also, then no culture’s moral values and codes can be condemned; as far as those morals and values represent the views and ideologies of a group of people. Once there cannot be condemnation, then it cannot be said that a given cultural sect, morals or values are better or worse. As far as cultural relativism is concerned, it is important for people not to compare their cultural differences with what prevails in other cultures but learn to be tolerant towards all other cultures.
In reference to the video, which clearly shows distaste for the Iranian culture of Sharia Law, it could be said that this claim is valid. The video is indeed relevant to the topic of cultural relativism because it outlines the extent to which social and human right groups come together to condemn some of the core values and codes in given cultures. As much as possible, these human right and social groups would want the fundamental human rights of people to be upheld while going about cultural diversity. To this extent, any cultures’ moral values and codes that defeat the ideas of fundamental human rights, such as making a woman suffer death for the offence of adultery is seen as worse. In conclusion therefore, it can be said that the world has come to such a time when cultural relativism is seen as false.
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Argument from Moral Equivalence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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