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What is human nature - Essay Example

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The issue of human fulfillment is an issue that has never really been understood to its fullest since man has learnt to think. Writers and philosophers of every time have attempted to answer this question and no final word is available to mankind…
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What is human nature

Download file to see previous pages... The issue of human fulfillment is an issue that has never really been understood to its fullest since man has learnt to think. Writers and philosophers of every time have attempted to answer this question and no final word is available to mankind.The fact of the matter lies in the fact, that man cannot achieve fulfillment if he does not think; this, even as a proposition is considered to be impossible. By goodness of undertaking things, dealing with them, and ultimately being deceived by them, it becomes all the more evident to man that there is a reality that exists.This reality can be identified with, and the highest goodness can subsequently be attained by means of thinking. Contemplation gives insight, and ultimately self-actualization. There can be no better strength than realizing one's true potential of existence. All our endeavors or desires primarily follow from the necessity of our intrinsic nature. This concept given by him refers to the identification of the power that the human being yields and associates from within himself. Whatever one might seek or ask, it is basically a product of how one identifies with the concept of self. The most significant goodness here becomes knowing about oneself. A person, who realizes himself, is truly the most successful of all.Desires, passions and restraints of the material world, can only be understood with reference to the person. Therefore, if and when a person appreciates his own personal standing and inception, it subsequently becomes the greatest source of endowment and fulfillment for the person. The fundamental factor here is about insisting on oneself and never imitating. This again is a propagation of the belief that an individual should at all times try to be what he/she is, and not impose a figure, picture of personality which is not a true depiction of the same. If one has the tendency to doubt one's self-image, then true actualization of self can never be there. The concept of uniformity of behavior and thought has always triggered the minds of thinkers. However, it is interesting that both of these present a similar stance on the said subject. It is not naturally desirable for anybody to maintain an existing thread of ideas and/or actions.
To be able to appreciate and attain the highest order of fulfillment, the greatest goodness here would be to not pay heed to social and extraneous challenges, and keep representing one's own personality as it is. If in the face of conflict, one tends to shy away from the true sense of being, then it can never really come out. Under normal circumstances, it is always simple to portray oneself; however, the true test of character is when there is opposition, and yet still a person can attain goodness by means of beings what he truly is. Though this conflict may seem ironically contrary to the actual concept of life itself, yet this line answers probably the greatest mystery of life - being bad.
The ultimate attainment in life therefore would be in the fact that one can appreciate its true essence, and not be afraid of the process of good or bad itself. It is only after this, that one would be able to overcome all the subsidiary issues of life, and would proceed to a stance wherein he would seek to discover the power within himself. Once this is accomplishment, nothing else would seem difficult. Despite being in different eras of time and possessing differing fortes of frame of references, yet we see a noteworthy comparison between their views on the said subject.
Again, the interesting thing is that it is not a man of a particular culture, creed, time or race that is referred to. Their concepts are so intense, deep and universal, that even at this hour they can be identified with, and a sense of fulfillment may be sought if one wishes so. On the significant role played by nature in the behavior of man, both these opinions interject. Though nature has been a sort of subjective reality for the sake of many philosophers, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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