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The writer of the essay "Smart Phones Make People Antisocial" suggests that the addiction that comes with usage of millions of applications compatible with smartphones have made these gadgets a source of antisocial behavior. From this research, it is clear that smartphones made people antisocial…
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Smart Phones Make People Antisocial
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Download file to see previous pages The sole purpose of smartphones was to facilitate the people connectivity globally with ease. On the contrary, it is disconnecting those very people from others barely a touching distance away. This overdependence on smartphones on the social and economic perspective have created a lazy population who are not ready to get out of the comfort of their smartphones to physically engage in various social activities. Most commercial activities which in the past involved people venturing outdoors can now be done on the handheld devices by just a few taps on the screen such as shopping and banking services now involves just a few taps on the screen. This has limited people interaction in places such as shopping malls and banking halls, which in the past used to be blocked by hordes of people.
The urge to engage in extracurricular activities in schools has been watered down by emergence of sports games that really do well on smartphones. People prefer playing their favorite game on the smartphone then go out to play physical games with the peers. A good example is a high reference in the youth on playing games like FIFA. Those games are loaded with fantasy, which is rare to get in the real world. Smartphones have brought up scenarios where one find people grouped together, but instead of chatting they are busily engaged on their devices. The devices have resulted in peers unintentionally, indirectly isolating themselves from other people, and paying little attention to their environment. Sometimes its is used as away of putting off someone whom one has little to talk about or is disinterested in engaging in talks or does not have patience for. At times smart phones are used by some people who want to look busy from other people views as a way of ignoring social responsibilities (May & Greg 201). Most people to excuse themselves from social gathering or meetings use fake calls apps. They are usually set up such that they will indicate a fake ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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