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Cell Phone Addiction - a Growing Social Problem - Essay Example

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The paper "Cell Phone Addiction - a Growing Social Problem" discusses that the mobile phone has been associated with the antisocial behavior of addiction despite the many advantages that came with it. Adolescents, young adults, and college students are spending much time on their cell phones…
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Cell Phone Addiction - a Growing Social Problem
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Extract of sample "Cell Phone Addiction - a Growing Social Problem"

Download file to see previous pages Studies in the recent few years have associated the mobile phone with undesirable behavior especially among the youth and college students who are found to be on their phones for at least nine hours in a single day. This raises the question especially among behavioral scientists of whether mobile phone usage can become addictive.
Even with the numerous advantages, mobile phone usage increasingly being associated with behaviors which are harmful to health and with the potential of being disturbing. Research, for instance, has associated the use of cell phones while driving with accidents. A wide of the body of information is available to suggest the use of cell phones while on the wheel reduces one's capacity to be attentive even in cases there are hands-free devices. Many countries have even gone ahead to ban the use of phones while driving but many people still continue with the habit. In an ironic turn, there is evidence of phones turning from their important role of supporting social exchanges to an object obstructing the same. Just many people have found themselves in instances where their mobile phone usage has disturbed their good social exchange. As such, just like smoking the use of mobile phones is increasingly receiving bans in public places e.g. in libraries.
On the overall cell phone usage is increasingly becoming associated with antisocial and potentially dangerous behaviors as well as the uncontrollable usage and signs of dependence. it is for these reasons that researchers and clinical practitioners must be aware of the availability of instruments to measure problematic use, socio-demographic and psychological factors thought to play a significant role in mobile phone addiction. Phones were initially solely for communities purposes in terms of calls but the emergence of smartphones allows wider usage of the gadgets. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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