Discribe the impact of Darwin's evoluntionary theory on at least 4 areas of American thought during the late 19th Century, inclu - Essay Example

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Impact of Darwinism on American Thought Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution has led to many changes in the lives of Americans, beginning in the late nineteenth century and spilling over to the contemporary society…
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Discribe the impact of Darwins evoluntionary theory on at least 4 areas of American thought during the late 19th Century, inclu
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Extract of sample "Discribe the impact of Darwin's evoluntionary theory on at least 4 areas of American thought during the late 19th Century, inclu"

Download file to see previous pages Through his 1859 book ‘The Origin of Species’, Charles Darwin instigated a change in the world views about the origin of humankind among other species, which challenged previously existing theories such as Creationism. With this new perspective, evolution began to affect the overall system of American thought. Some of the aspects of American thought include American philosophy, technology usage in the American society, religion, medicine, politics, environment, culture and globalization in the American context. This paper delves into the impact of Darwinism on some of these aspects of American thought in the nineteenth century. The paper also looks into the changes that took place with regard to each aspect and that saw some subjects gain more popularity and others decline. Keywords: Evolution, Changes, Philosophy, Darwinism, American Thought Introduction Evolution refers to the process of a string of natural modifications that a species of a population of organisms undergoes, which causes the species to develop, adjust to their surroundings, and eventually die out or become extinct (Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, n.d.). All species including humans have developed through the process of biological evolution. Human evolution refers to the drawn-out progression of change which facilitated the development of people from apelike progenitors. Scientific evidence has revealed that the physical and developmental attributes shared by the entire human species originated from apelike predecessors and evolved over a period of time (Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, n.d.). The theory of evolution has been subject to intensive scientific research over the last 150 years. There is numerous and convincing evidence that living organisms have undergone the process of evolution spanning over a period of millions of years. According to Andrews and Stringer the account of human evolution dates back to approximately 30 million years ago in North Africa, when the now expansive Sahara desert was an expanse of lush rain forests and the region was inhabited by a species identified by historians as Aegyptopithecus (1989). This theory was developed by Charles Darwin and is detailed in his 1859 book ‘Origin of Species’. Following its development, the theory was adapted and accepted in many societies despite the fact that it faced acclamation and criticism in equal measure. In the American society as with many others in the world over, world views based on the origin of mankind as well as the development of world and human civilizations began to be shaped by the theory. In retrospect, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution resulted in changes in many aspects of American thought in the nineteenth century. Multiple fields of science, research and education have been influenced by Darwinism. Some of these aspects are discussed below. Impact of Darwinism on Philosophy The realization of the theory of natural selection that is a component of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution resulted in changes in American philosophy in the nineteenth century. Philosophy is applied and put into practice by humans in their development of world views and perspectives. Philosophy is developed within the human mind. The theory of natural selection to a great extent includes the development of humankind and the human brain; making them both results of natural selection. As a result therefore, Darwinism directly impacts on philosophy (Lemmens, 2006). The theory of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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