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Personal Philosophical Suppositions Module title: Module ID: Submission date: Abstract The present paper aims to elucidate my personal views and philosophy about life. The main objective behind discussing the same includes shedding light on various aspects of my individual thoughtfulness and glimpses by concentrating upon the change interaction with social and physical environment of humans…
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Download file to see previous pages Somehow, innate mental and physical characteristics, and ethno-racial, religious and financial backgrounds certainly have their significance in development of likes, dislikes, and priorities. Personal views and philosophies about life appear to be absolutely different in people, even the siblings that not only belong to the same parental lineage but also have experienced the same socialization process and environment at large. Therefore, the criticism seems justified that individuals enter the world carrying divergent codes of mind that decide and determine their future life and activities actually. Somehow, the importance of social interaction could not be refuted altogether due to the very reality that it surely turns biological man into a social individual, and teaches him the norms, values, mores, traditions and conventions that have been in vogue in the culture and/or society the individual belongs to; the same is also applied to me. Like other members of my society, I also belong to one specific ethno-racial community, which makes me distinctive from the people belonging to other groups co-existing in society. Though sometimes these feelings create my affiliations with in-groups and apathy for out-groups, these feelings never adopt the form of hatred or prejudice for others. It is perhaps because of my belonging to a well-educated, groomed and responsible family that I have learned the universal message of love and respect for all members of my social establishment without discrimination. Similarly, I have faith in my God, who has created all humans out of rotten clay, so having feelings of superiority simply means deviating from the statutes of divine law, actually, which declares all humans to be equal. I remember the influence of religion on my thoughts; since I was regularly taken by my parents to church on every Sunday, I obtained the basics of Christianity at a young age of my life. The life and sayings of Jesus Christ left indelible imprints on my mind, and I developed the views of caring for all and sundry without taking his/her background into the slightest consideration. I obtained primary and elementary education at a well-reputed school and studied the basics of sociology, history, theology and Western philosophy at high school. I also studied conflicts and wars taken place between people belonging to rival factions and groups. It also infused the passion of fighting against my rival nations and communities for the political and economic uplift of my nation. However, my years at college turned out to be more productive in respect of bringing tremendous alterations in my views about wars and battles. At college, I was taught the basics of business finance and commerce, and the role played by currency and transactions. It was really a wonderful experience for me. Since I had already obtained the knowledge of the barter system and other ways of earning in the discipline of cultural anthropology, the idea of business ethics and corporate culture particularly fascinated me. I also learned the changing of the vast world into a small global village just because of the wonderful inventions made by the great minds for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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LIFE EXAMINATION PAPER Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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