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The Examination of Forensic Firearms: the Crime Scene Through Microscopic Imperfections - Research Paper Example

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This paper discusses the value of footprint or footwear evidence, preservation and photographing of the evidence and casting of the impressions. It also discusses the procedures used in the examination of firearms evidence. Footwear is an example of primary evidence…
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The Examination of Forensic Firearms: the Crime Scene Through Microscopic Imperfections
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Extract of sample "The Examination of Forensic Firearms: the Crime Scene Through Microscopic Imperfections"

Download file to see previous pages To avoid eyewitness identification and leaving fingerprints, criminals frequently wear masks over their faces and gloves over their hands respectively. However, they make little effort to cover up footwear. Footwear evidence, therefore, when the investigator of a crime scene properly collects and preserves it and a footwear expert examines it in detail, becomes an important source of evidence during a criminal investigation that proves or disproves an individual’s presence at the scene of a crime. Unfortunately, disorganization or failure to secure the scene of crime properly may result in the destruction or overlooking of this form of impression evidence. Investigators use footwear evidence to obtain valuable information that can enable them to locate a suspect. For example, it can lead to positive recognition of the particularly known shoe that made the print (Hilderbrand, 2009). Footwear evidence is very useful in cases where proof of the presence of an individual is incriminating such as rapes, robberies, homicides, burglaries, assaults among others. Footwear evidence is of great value as it can provide the make or the unique characteristics of a shoe, its type or brand by comparing it with a database as well as its estimated size. It can also help in proving or disproving an alibi, crime scene reconstruction, the identification and elimination of a suspect, determining the number of perpetrators, their gait characteristics and their path into and away from the scene of the crime. Other uses include determining the events that took place during the crime and their sequence, the period when they made the impression among others. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Examination of Forensic Firearms: The Crime Scene Through Research Paper.
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