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The Motherhood - Teen Moms Training - Research Paper Example

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This paper "The Motherhood - Teen Moms Training" focuses on the fact that teen moms refer to young women who have not reached legal adulthood and yet they already have children. The US has recorded the highest number of teen birthrates in all the developed nations.  …
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The Motherhood - Teen Moms Training
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Extract of sample "The Motherhood - Teen Moms Training"

Download file to see previous pages The problem of teen motherhood is one of the most pressing social issues that social workers have to deal with today according to Gallagher (2009). This is a problem that is not concentrated in one place alone as many teenagers around the world are continually finding themselves pregnant with no plan on how to carry on with life after that. Teenage mothers normally face a lot of challenges in terms of education, training and employment. Child care is one of the most demanding jobs, and in most cases, teen mothers normally find themselves unable to continue with their education in order to take care of their babies (Pillow, 2004). Most teenagers who find themselves with babies normally give up on their career dreams and ambitions and resign themselves to living a hopeless life. However, without proper formal training, it is very difficult for these young mothers to make ends meet (Harris, 1997).
Skilled training is not the only kind of training that teen moms normally lack, most of them never have someone to train them on the proper way to take care of themselves and their babies (Rickel, 1989). The lack of training can be blamed on many things. Lack of support from parents and other people is one of the reasons why teen mothers normally have a hard time coping with life. Training programs for teens are also not very many and not all teen mothers have access to the training programs some of which can make a big difference to the teens (Immell, 2000).
The rationale behind the training of teenage moms is based on the fact that these young mothers are at a disadvantaged position to continue with their education and get quality training. This means that they cannot get as good jobs as their peers who have formal training and this bears heavily on their lives. Many formal training institutions do not have provisions to specifically train teen mothers.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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