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Relevance of Family or Household for Politics - Essay Example

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This essay examines what these great thinkers (Plato, Augustine), and others like them, have to say about family, education, politics, and society…
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Relevance of Family or Household for Politics
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Extract of sample "Relevance of Family or Household for Politics"

Download file to see previous pages Others question their faith and try to revise their morality, bringing in parts of other religions or philosophies. Still others have no real faith and try to build a moral foundation out of their personal experience adding rules and content to it as the years go by. Morality is the basis upon which societies and civilizations build their politics upon, and how we educate our children determines how these politics will be established and developed. And where are children first brought up with a sense of the world’s morality, the rules and laws, by which we live within our polity? The answer, as explained so cogently by both Plato and Augustine, is the family. The family is where we first learn how to behave, how to interact with others, and what is fair and just. In the course of this essay I will examine what these great thinkers, and others like them, have to say about family, education, politics, and society.
Children are impressionable. They are starting their journey on the path of life and are deeply sensitive to the world around them. They seek patterns and they seek to understand why certain patterns have certain results. Although they may not understand the huge complications underwriting our society, they nevertheless have an inkling of how are world is structured and determined, the politics that make the world turn. How then should they be educated by their first guardians, their parents? To this, Socrates has a convincing suggestion:
‘Now, do you appreciate that the most important stage of any enterprise is the beginning, especially when something you and sensitive is involved? You, that’s when most of its formation takes place, and it absorbs every impression that anyone wants to stamp upon it. . . . Shall we, then, casually allow our children to listen to any old stories, made up by just anyone, and to take into their minds views which, on the whole, contradict those we’ll want them to have as adults?’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Relevance of Family or Household for Politics Essay.
“Relevance of Family or Household for Politics Essay”.
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