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Tips for a Trip to the Mountains - Article Example

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This paper "Tips for a Trip to the Mountains" focuses on some tips for those who plan to travel to Tibet anytime in the future, so be warned that the need to adjust to the high altitudes could make you sick unless you take appropriate steps to avoid the onset of illness. …
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Tips for a Trip to the Mountains
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Extract of sample "Tips for a Trip to the Mountains"

Download file to see previous pages The journey into Tibet is likely to be a test for your health, so if you have a cold, flu or are otherwise suffering from any illness, make sure you are completely recovered and strong before you book your travel. In this way, you can avoid posing any risks to yourself and your health and ensure that your time and money are well spent in a pleasant, enjoyable trip. Make sure you get plenty of rest before you fly into Tibet and spend the first day of your vacation taking it easy; do not attempt any strenuous climbing.
Before embarking on a journey up a plateau or a mountain, it may be advisable to take the drug Coenzyme 10 for a week before actually making the journey. A dosage of 100 to 200 mg per day is recommended, because it may be helpful in promoting better oxygen optimization at the cellular level.(Weil, 2008). If you plan to be in Tibet for short periods and break your journey in between by travelling to other places, do not stop taking the drug during the interval you are away but continue with it throughout the duration of the time you will be in Tibet, up until the day you actually leave.
Plan a phased ascent up the mountain, wherein you ascend only about 300 feet per day rather than aiming to arrive at your destination all at once. Your body needs time to adjust itself to the change in altitude and the lower levels of oxygen that are present up to the mountains, which make the air rarefied. As the body climbs up into the higher altitudes, adaptations may occur, such as a reduction in the maximal heart rate response and a lower peak cardiac output (Bartsch and Saltin, 2008), in order to adjust to the rarefied air. As a result of such adaptations, the end result of the acclimatization process is that despite the reduced levels of oxygen in the atmosphere, the arterial levels of oxygen remain essentially unaltered, because there is better oxygenation of blood in the lungs through an increase in the SaO2 content.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Tips for a Trip to the Mountains Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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