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This essay describes that reality of high school is so that popularity is always there. There are kids that receive all attention while others go unnoticed. Stargirl doesn’t pursue attention or popularity, at least, until near the end of the book…
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If I was a student in the same school with Stargirl I would surely notice her original behavior and her eccentric activities. For example, different funny and unusual clothes that Stargirl puts on would definitely grab my attention. I myself understand and tolerate Stargirl’s desire to be different and to be an individual. Reality of high school is so that popularity is always there. There are kids that receive all attention while others go unnoticed. Stargirl doesn’t pursue attention or popularity, at least, until near the end of the book. I liked Stargirl and my thoughts about her are mostly positive. I like that she understood the value of little things like the fact that everybody likes to be paid attention (happy birthday songs for other people that Stargirl did) and that be yourself is the best to be because you do what you feel and you act like you think is right instead of thinking according to others. As Stargirl teaches non-conformity it blames collective unconsciousness in restraining individual from expressing himself or herself and by this expression fulfill personal psychological and sociological needs. I myself think that happiness can only be achieved through the internal processes of one’s own self.
““We wanted to define her, to wrap her up as we did each other, but we could not seem to get past "weird" and "strange" and "goofy." Her ways knocked us off balance. ” ”
Stargirl confronts usual generally accepted pattern of behavior and transforms casualty by her appearance, actions, words and overall with her behavior. He is a real identity but not just in a way that she doesn’t do what others do. Not, her originality is deeper because he see world around her in different light. She tries to spread her light on others and in some way it works. She is not an individual that borders from others but she is a kind person who takes kindness and positive approach everywhere she goes. I didn’t like Stargirl changing her mind in order to become more socially accepted though it is a necessary plot detail. I was relieved when she decided to change her mind be herself again. This reminded me that what we think about ourselves is more important then what others think because nobody can know us better then we ourselves. When people want to be like others they follow false aim because they don’t really know how others feel as they too adjust their lives. When everybody forgets about their identity reality becomes false and incorrect. The only way to really exist is to be yourself. That is the main idea that, I think, character of Stargirl represents. I liked the particular methods of Stargirl to be happy with her own image of herself despite foolish standards that are always meant to oppress and limit one’s original individuality.
““At the same time, we held back. Because she was different. Different. We had no one to compare her to, no one to measure her against.” ”
Being different Stargirl taught me that it everone should decide what is better for himself and don’t adjust to outside environment devalues inner treasures of each human’s soul. Read More
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