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What is the basic organization of the profile - Essay Example

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This essay describes that whatever one chooses to write profile about should be that which arouses his curiosity. The writer should ensure that he is not too familiar with the thing or the person otherwise personal interest may override the writing…
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What is the basic organization of the profile
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Extract of sample "What is the basic organization of the profile"

College: Paperclip Man What is the basic organization of the profile? The of focus here I a young school boy called Dan who want to beat the world record by designing a paperclip. He captures the attention of many people including the media. Whatever one chooses to write profile about should be that which arouses his curiosity. The writer should ensure that he is not too familiar with the thing or the person otherwise personal interest may override the writing. For instance when you know the person you are writing his profile too well then you may include your own interest about that particular person leaving the major focus. The major focus in writing the profile should bid to include all the fin and relevant details about the subject. In this case, Miranda may not appropriately write the Dan’s profile because they are too close.
Interview used in the profile
One of the places the in e profile where the interview is used is when Davis student, Dave and Louis interview Dan about his feelings: “how are you feeling Camp? The Dan replies, “I’ am great, John. No cramping here!” Laughter broke out behind the camera.
Another instance of the interview is when Dan’s friend, Miranda asked him, “you know what you should do with all these paperclips Dan, when this is all done?”
“You should…you should fill up a swimming pool and jump in!”
“What a weird, non sequitur thing to say, Miranda,” Dan replied laughing.
Specific information:
When writing about one’s profile you need to engage him in a discourse and to talk about his character. For example, the current record was set in 2000and stands at 895 yards or just shies of nine football fields. Another example given here is , is of a good- natured man, bright and energetic young man willing to go all out for an ultimately meaningless goal.
Sensory images:
You need to draw one after he has illustrated his profile to you when writing a profile. One of the examples given here is “ As the crew walked slowly down the road, Dan had to continually order halts to fix broken links as well as tangles and snags” secondly, “ All of a sudden Aston went into broadcast mode…” lastly, “Meyers fingers were racing like an intricate machine”
An example of the dialogue provided here is “I need some Vaseline for my teeth!” cracked Dan.

Example of the background information
In order to get background information about whomever you are writing his profile, you can carry out a visit or you may decide to be a secret or silent observer. One may also decide to carry out an interview about the person so as to get the first hand information. Similarly, there may be needed to take the picture of whomever you are writing his profile.
The textbooks discussion of Danielsens angle
A good profile should be that which captures its subject from a particular point of view. This enables the writer to focus on particular areas of interest that will help in proper building of the subject. Similarly, an angle that one takes in building a profile could entail doing a about the topic for instance one’s hobbies, and the work that one does. There is also need to include certain memorable and interesting things about the subject. Danielsen captures what interests Dan as he tries to beat the world records. You may cluster or loop what could give you interest about the subject. Danielsen posits that, in order to build a better profile for your subject you need to describe, compare and compose a dialogue for the same. Read More
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