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Negotiating for Jobs, Salaries and Everything Else (Guide) - Research Paper Example

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In present day context, majority of candidates are quite worried in negotiating their jobs, salaries and other similar aspects that offer by the employers due to increased level of competition. In recent business scenario, it has been observed that job and salary negotiation are…
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Negotiating for Jobs, Salaries and Everything Else (Guide)
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Extract of sample "Negotiating for Jobs, Salaries and Everything Else (Guide)"

Download file to see previous pages In this similar context, several aspects need to be considered while negotiating job and salary structure among others with prospective employers. The aspects include remuneration with yearly bonuses, job responsibilities, potential salary hikes or job promotion and cost of living in accordance with salary structure that offers by an organization (Rowe, “Negotiating for Jobs, Salaries and Everything Else”).
This discussion intends to prepare a plan for negotiating jobs, salary structures and other similar aspects by taking into concern certain significant factors. The factors comprise area of interests and power sources of the candidates as well as the prospective employers.
I have a good friend who has recently passed out from a renowned management institute and applied for a HR manager post in a mid-sized private organization. He already faced first round of interview and is selected for this post. As a consultant, I prepared a plan for my friend when he was called for second interview round in which the organization would be discussing about his job responsibilities and salary structure. By communicating with the other members of the organization, my friend came to know that the organization would offer a salary structure that ranges between $7000 and $9000 per annum for the post. Moreover, the members also provided a brief idea about the job profile to my friend which the organization is going to offer him. When he told about the job profile and salary structure to me, I was quite surprised to hear him. The job profile is to look after the overall production function of the organization.
Contextually, the job profile of a HR manager is to look after various important operational areas of an organization such as recruitment, training programs and performance appraisal relating to the entire workforce through which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Negotiating for Jobs, Salaries and Everything Else (Guide) Research Paper.
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