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This essay describes that due to an effective progression of unit and gadgetry humans were able to produce many types of foods without keeping in mind the forthcoming danger of their excessive use due to which rate of obesity and other diseases showed abnormal increase…
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Super Foods Culinary industry is one of the leading industries in this world. Due to an effective progression of unit and gadgetry humans were able to produce many types of foods without keeping in mind the forthcoming danger of their excessive use due to which rate of obesity and other diseases showed abnormal increase. Taking in account the rate of damage caused by fast and other types of food nutritionist came up with a term ‘superfoods’. Superfoods basically help to lose weight and are full of energy, vitamins and other essentials ingredients which intake is mandatory for human body. Some primary superfoods include: almonds, apples, apricots, bananas, carrots etc.
“An apple a day keeps a doctor a way” is just not a simple phrase to use in English essays. It is actually a very reliable, good and deep advice itself. Apple is a very old source of food and its history goes back to the time of Adam and Eve. Also it is a superfood too. Counting importance of apples in our diet is pretty useless as its advantages are numerous. Apples are rich with iron, antioxidants and fibers. Its regular use ensures healthier teeth, decreases risk of diabetes, and provides protection against cancer, control weight and boost up immune system.
One of the world healthiest food? Yes we are talking about almonds. Almonds definitely are listed as superfood too. These are full of vitamin E, copper, fiber, magnesium and phosphorus. Almonds act as a catalyst to boost up the functioning of brain. Guess our grandmothers were right then! Almonds absorb cholesterol from the body and reduce the risk of heart diseases. It provides double protection against diabetes and their healthy fats are very useful to lose weight also ensuring the lower risk of weight gain.
Pistachio nuts or more precisely calling it a gift from heaven in winters or delight of winters is a full packed nutrient package containing unsaturated fat and protein. Pistachio nuts are regarded as superfoods as they help you in losing the weigh due to their low cholesterol level and effective fibers. Talking about figures thirty pistachio nuts cause you only 100 calories. Most importantly they are tasty and addictive. Once you start eating pistachio nuts you can barely keep your hands off unless and until all you got on plate is their shells.
Talking about superfoods how we can forget carrots? Carrots are the ultimate source of Vitamin A. This beautiful, crunch red vegetable comes with numerous advantages. “Carrots are good for eyes”, we’ve been listening this statement from our childhood and it is true. Carrots are perfect for good vision as Vitamin A is transported to retina thus providing instant pigmentation for good vision. Also carrots prevent from cancer and reduce the risk of other fatal disease by increasing the immune system. Even some components of carrots are being used to produce anticancer medicines. Carrots are also useful for anti-aging purposes. So all the above mentioned foods are superfoods which intake can ensure you a sound body with sound mind. Read More
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