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Sustaining Engagement in Adolescents before Disengagements - Essay Example

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The writer of this paper “Sustaining Engagement in Adolescents before Disengagements” states that  Majority of adults particularly parents are faced with the challenge of understanding adolescents. Adolescence is a period in a person’s life when he or she develops from a child into an adult…
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Sustaining Engagement in Adolescents before Disengagements
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Extract of sample "Sustaining Engagement in Adolescents before Disengagements"

The communication channel should not only he seen as formal and vertical but also open and horizontal. Be honest, interactive as much as possible and open to new ideas. Invite feedback, suggestions as well as input into programs. . Use of modern technology not only helps in bridging the age gap but also creates an intimate bond.  Incorporate their ideas in implementing changes. Lastly establish a friendly environment based on trust and mutual respect.  Continuous Assessment of Program.  Involve the adolescent by identifying the progress also the failures if any. Use of incentives. Build-in incentives that require self-motivation, skill, and leadership. However since not all adolescents have the same capacity the reward scheme should be tailored according to the different abilities. Discuss in an honest manner, offer advice when needed and offer opportunity and space for growth. Adolescents when encouraged and given a good channel of interaction show much progress and development both mentally and socially. Read More
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