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Problems of adolescents - Research Paper Example

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The key concept in this discussion paper is an in-depth analysis of the transitional stage of growth experienced between puberty and adulthood popularly presented as the start and ending point of teen age. …
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Problems of adolescents
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"Problems of adolescents"

Download file to see previous pages Adolescent age usually begins from the age of thirteen and wind up at nineteen. This age bracket is usually referred to as the teenage period. Although this stage is short lived, it sis a period characterized by vigorous maximum physical growth, mental development and emotional maturity. Both the internal and external aspects of development are visible. In fact, nearly all the physiological changes of human growth are completed at this bracket. In common scenario, this group is known for emotional imbalance, naivety and an overwhelming quest for adventure. As their emotions starts to balance, it is impossible not to notice appreciable level of intelligence, reasoning, thinking and appreciating of the environment surrounding them. Their memory seems to be so fresh and intact always perceiving things out of the ordinary, strong concept of creativity, well acquaintance with group associations and generalization. An adolescent is always challenging and questioning every thing a bout existence but feels a great sense of pride of achievement and satisfaction should their views be recognized on a discussion forum or any topic. This period is also characterized by so much joy and happiness alongside aspirations and adventures they would never want to miss. One moment this lad is in such lovely mood and the next instance he/she bursts in tears .As their emotions experience development, it is believed this is the reason why most seem to have such imbalances (Clemente, 2009). At any level of social interaction, this group would do anything to outshine her/his peers as their feelings are at maximum. Fro then, there exists a universal internalized way of understanding feelings o others who also belong to the adolescence bracket. This understanding is readily exercise on the opposite sex who they feel so eager to interact with .Consequently, in their endeavor to win the admiration of the opposite sex, they display ego centered interactions however with some checked adjustments in character to cover up their big ego. For an average adolescence, there exists a natural recognition of norms and values determined by the society and knowledge of moral respect of God and belief inexistence of heaven for good people (Adams, 2005). For any household with an adolescence amidst them understands that to this person, there is defined new era in interaction occasionally accompanied by rebellion, mood swings and switched attention from the family members to wards his/her peers. Parents only become very concerned when the new era practices becomes a negative aspect of growth i.e., occurring too frequently than those they observe from children of family friends. Parents constantly feel challenge by such an unbecoming behavior and some even become emotionally affected .It is thus important to establish the general causes of such behaviors by discussing the main problems associated with an adolescence age (Clemente, 2009). To understand these underlying problems then we must dwell on normalcy ands deviation from normalcy. To understand an onset of truancy, you will notice a continuous boredom. To cover up for such boredom, the adolescent may be tempted to engage in risky activities like stealing, driving without license, being involved in drug abuse, indiscriminant sexual exploitation and at the extreme engage in physical fights. However, the above are just symptoms of degeneration thus the paper attempts to dig deep into the root causes of these symptoms ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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