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Fast Food Nation - Exploiting Adolescents - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Fast Food Nation - Exploiting Adolescents" focuses on the topic fast food that is the centre of discussion since the year dot. Probably because of the ill health it triggers. Meanderingly, anti-fast food came up with another criticism against it. …
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Fast Food Nation - Exploiting Adolescents
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Extract of sample "Fast Food Nation - Exploiting Adolescents"

Download file to see previous pages In his book, “The Fast Food Nation”, Eric Schlosser brings gimmick to the exposé summarizing the central idea of the topic in the following statement, “A fast food restaurant can be a nice place to visit- but if you might not want to work there-especially if you are a teenager.” The sentence cleverly adumbrates the vulnerability of the working ambience at the fast food outlet. American teenager dominates employment at these places (Wartman, Web).
Consequently, the issue is being strongly analyzed as adolescence mark the future of the country. The book discusses the misery of a sixteen-year-old high school girl, Elisa Zimot. She was keen to work at the Mc Donald’s outlet but resented later when a customer’s dealt with her brutally. Often people misbehave with fast workers as they look at them with disdain and contempt. Other teenagers work tediously at fast food restaurants, beyond their legal working limit.
A survey illustrated that many high school students around fifteen years of age work for twelve hours and sophomores working late at night in these restaurants. Although the working duration assigned by the Fair Labour Standards do not exceed from more than three hours for school going children, below sixteen years of age. In other words, students are not allowed to work during school hours that is before seven in the morning and after seven at night (Sagon, Web).
Even if the school is closed, they might work for few more hours but within the defined limit. Many students cross the limit and consequently, their studies are affected. It is proven by a survey that maximum fifteen hours of employment help students academically whereas beyond this range students show a decline in their overall academics and engage in anti-social activities linked with drug and alcohol abuse (Schlosser 9).
Apart from this the fast food restaurants are well equipped with machines, some of which are prohibited for the teenagers to operate. The author discusses Colorado State’s law where it is illegal for teenagers below eighteen to use hazardous machinery during work.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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