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How Political Issues Affect Youth, and How Youth Can Affect Political Issues - Essay Example

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This paper is a simple attempt to understand the effect that politics or political issues have on the youth and the affect that youths can bring about in politics or political issues. Since time immemorial, researchers have been deeply interested in the role that politics plays in the development of the youth and their lifestyles…
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How Political Issues Affect Youth, and How Youth Can Affect Political Issues
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Extract of sample "How Political Issues Affect Youth, and How Youth Can Affect Political Issues"

Download file to see previous pages As mentioned in the book by Lerner and Steinberg, “identity is considered a definitive task of the adolescent and young adult years. As young people reflect to who they are, the future to which they aspire, they will also take stock of their societies. Political views are taking shape as part of this process, although youth may not refer to them as such if politics connotes only conventional activity to them. But politics reflecting an individual worldview, politics as a language for explaining social problems is forming in these years, although it is probably well into the third decade of their life before these views crystallize”.
The above statement completely explains how the youth form their political images and views. While these reformative years make for the way that the youth attune themselves to problem solving and issues as such, the policies made by the policy makers affect the youth more than anyone or anything else. It is the policies made during these reformative years of the life of the youths that ultimately result in their future preferences and the way they look upon the policy making.
The recent president elect Barrack Obama has launched a reformative economic project, aiming at bringing about a u-turn in the degenerative American economy of the present. Take this as an example of how this is going to affect the American youth.
American youth has been crying hoarse what with the economic showdown, Iraq war, rising inflation etc under the bush administrations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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