A Beloved Place for the Rest, namely the Forest - Essay Example

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The reporter casts light upon the fact that some of the best places on the planet lull in the bosom of our mother nature. No wonder why it's always a joy for the author to take a quiet errand along the depths of the forest…
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A Beloved Place for the Rest, namely the Forest
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First Draft of Narrative Essay: A Beloved Place
Some of the best places on the planet lull in the bosom of our mother nature. No wonder why it's always a joy for me to take a quiet errand along the depths of the forest. Whenever I get to visit one, my heart jumps for joy as my feet feel so itchy to trek those tricky trails. It is absolutely a marvel seeing the trees with some of its branches bending down to kiss the ground filled with beautiful, colourful flowers, miniscule creatures, and sturdy wild grasses. The fresh breeze that the forest exhales caresses my face with such a velvety touch. A soft waft of air tickles the leaves above, creating a flip-flopping light underground – something romantically perfect for couples. Going to the forest is one of the best voyages in life to take. God indeed loves humanity as it manifests through perfect beauty of the nature surrounding us.
I can remember it was a sunny and blissful morning when I decided to take a trip into an outskirt nearby. Half a kilometre away, I could already tell that a one blissful reunion would take place later that day. Because I am a forest addict, I had the cheek to go there all by myself. Just like what most forest goers encounter, I had my share of stern tests. Before I could get to the heart of the timberland, I knew, I had to go through some tough challenges.
Finally, I arrived at the doorstep of the jungle. The first thing I saw was a cohort of vibrant buds bowing down their heads to welcome me. Although quite silly, but I felt I was treated like a royalty. As I hovered above my head, I could see the wild vines meshing up with each other to form a lovely wild curtain; I could also hear the birds chirping tones in mirth. It seemed like they were chanting out in harmony to serenade me. I stared down and saw my leather booths muddled up with some thick mud clinging around them, but I knew the sludge were not going to stay there for long as the spikey fingers of the ryes were ready to wipe them out. When I finally took several steps inward, it seemed like the time has travelled so fast that day... the surroundings turned rather gloomy, although everything was still in sight. Different sounds I heard: the blabbing voice of the river, the squeaky and tiny sounds of the squirrels, the sound of the clapping leaves as they were swayed against each other by the wild winds, and some mysterious noises that blended together to create a perfect music – something that could not be produced even by the most brilliant record producers, composers, and singers. But of course it was not a walk-in-the-park trail; I also had some of the tensest feelings I have ever felt in my life. Who does not get scared by snakes? By scorpions and tarantulas? I had met them on my way to the best part. The path was not as cemented as well. Boulders were scattered and all over, and unfortunately, the track passes into the middle of those boulders. Pointed rocks joined the grimed soil after long rain. The only thing I could do then was to stare at my leather booths battling against the shakiness of the ground. My feet were sore.
Not long after, loud chattering sounds of falling water I heard, and a little window of light could be seen from afar! At last, I finally reached the heart of the forest. The breeze was so fresh, the trees looked so majestic, the waterfalls were crystal clear. Everything was so perfect, and was worth the travel. Only by then I have finally concluded for myself that the best things in life are free. Read More
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