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Aftermath: The Remnants of War - Essay Example

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He is an ex-senior editor for Outside magazine, and is a regular provider for such periodicals namely the NYT Magazine, the New Yorker, National Geographic, Smithsonian, and Men’s Journal…
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Aftermath: The Remnants of War
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Download file to see previous pages d Physicians Against Land Mines/Center for International Rehabilitation, which amongst other places internationally now has a mine-survivors field hospital and prosthetics plan in the ex-Yugoslavia. He resides with his family in central Virginia.
Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) consists of armaments shells, grenade, field guns, rocket and air-dropped shells in addition to cluster bombs. They are a great hazard to naive human beings long after clashes have been over. Explosive Remnants of War are present on the scale of hundreds of thousands for every war areas. A few of the most impacted areas are Iraq, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Angola, and Mozambique. However Explosive Remnants of War are also seen in parts of Western Europe, where thousands of undetonated bombs buried as a bequest from the Second World War and even the First World War 1 (1).
Webster visited the sites of the five wars of the 20th century that include First World War, the Second World War, Cold War Nuclear Testing Site, Vietnam and Kuwait. There he found the remains of these wars and observed that their mark is still very noticeable.
In France, for instance, he found that undetonated bombs from the First World War still scatter the landscape leaving huge swathes of forest cordoned off. Farmers persist to hit these bombs with their tractors and several of them are exterminated each year. Websters accounts of the aftermath of war fittingly demonstrate the viciousness and the futility of war. This he illustrates from his visit to France as:
‘From atop Fort Douamont’s concrete roof, I can see there is one area of forest where no trees are growing, where the ground is dead and gray. That is where many of the German armies were entrenched, and French shells fell there in such volume that nothing grows still. The démineurs from the Vaux Forest said the shells there are so concentrated you can’t walk across the ground - even today. The Déminage is clearing that sector by chipping at it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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