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This paper is a comparison and contrast of living in the city and in the country. The truth is that both lifestyles have their own pros and cons. It all depends on an individual’s personality and preferences.Cities are much more diverse in culture and tastes…
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The Benefits and Disadvantages of Country Living
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The Benefits and Disadvantages of Country Living
It is true that city life has a lot of social opportunities but country life can give you advantages that prevail over the benefits of living in the city. The truth is that both lifestyles have their own pros and cons. It all depends on an individual’s personality and preferences. If you enjoy a fast paced life the city is the right place for you but if you are someone who likes peace and quiet and laid back lifestyle you should opt for the country.
In the city you have various means of transport. There are buses, subway, ferries and trams that provide you with cheap and easy travel however all this traffic results in a lot of pollution and crowded roads. This means that even though you can easily find public transport it will take you much longer to reach your destination because of the high traffic. According to the Texas Transportation Institute cities with the worst traffic include Long Beach, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C, Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas, Houston, Chicago, Arlington, Riverside, Detroit, San Jose, San Diego, Orlando and Atlanta (Malone). If you live in the country you must have your own otherwise transport is almost impossible however it takes much less time because of the peaceful roads.
It is not only public transport that is a problem, the lack of other amenities such as branded stores and eating places is also a hassle. There are much less extracurricular activities to enjoy. If you are bored in the city you can watch a movie, go to a concert, eat out at a fine restaurant or café or simple hang out at a bar; there are countless places to choose from.
A significant difference in the quality of education in the city and the country also leads to many people moving to the cities. There are so many good schools and universities in the city where you can achieve excellent education whereas in the country you will find that educational institutes are limited and sometimes the courses or classes offered are limited too as compared to the city where there are numerous education opportunities.
Although it may seem strange but the cost of living in the country has risen by 20 percent for the more remote areas (Charlotte). So this is one aspect you need to keep in mind before you decide to settle in the countryside. The distances between places are greater which means more fuel costs. But an advantage is that you will get to walk more which is a very healthy workout. The air is also cleaner in the country so you will be exercising without even realizing. Another reason for higher expenses is that transport is far more expensive due to its rarity.
Cities are much more diverse in culture and tastes. You will observe that people living in the cities are very acceptable of people from different cultures. There are so many entertainment events where people can spend their leisure time. Having mentioned all the advantages and disadvantages of the city and the country one cannot simply choose between the two because it is after all a matter of personal choice and taste.
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