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The Effects of the governmental mandatory furlough policy on employees in Michigan - Essay Example

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Mandatory governmental Furlough programs are charged with ensuring that employees within the Michigan state take their unpaid leaves to attend to a company’s specific needs that may arise from the economic conditions or the employer’s financial position (Morris, 2005)…
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The Effects of the governmental mandatory furlough policy on employees in Michigan
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Extract of sample "The Effects of the governmental mandatory furlough policy on employees in Michigan"

Download file to see previous pages These policies additionally state that employees who are not subject to any collective bargaining contracts when being employed are also subject to abrupt dismissal from employment (Morris, 2005).
However, the employees may lay claims against discrimination in their employment on civil rights grounds. Discrimination based on gender, race, age, disability or religions has been prohibited by the federal and state laws in America (Schoeni, 2010). These laws state that the employers may dismiss employees who violate the lawful discharge of their duties, refuse to violate a law in the course of their employment or as an exercise of the rights that have been conferred on them (Kingdon & Thurber, 2010). Furlough programs that are mandatory within the state of Michigan have been implemented for the purpose of addressing the budget shortfalls that have faced the city (Bureau of National Affairs, 2009). There are employers who are legible for the mandatory furlough programs from the government while others are ineligible (Morris, 2005). There are several disadvantages and advantages that the employees within the state of Michigan have encountered due to the mandatory furlough programs that the government has introduced.
An employee may take any benefits that have been accorded to him without being interrupted by the days that have been set for mandatory furlough. In addition, their health and dental insurances are also unaffected by these mandatory days (Kingdon & Thurber, 2010). The employees within the state of Michigan are allowed to receive holiday pays under these mandatory programs as though they were performing their regular duties at the workplace (Bureau of National Affairs, 2009). The time that employees serve on mandatory furlough is considered as though they were on regular duty when their benefits under their life insurance schemes are being ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Effects of the Governmental Mandatory Furlough Policy on Employees Essay)
The Effects of the Governmental Mandatory Furlough Policy on Employees Essay.
“The Effects of the Governmental Mandatory Furlough Policy on Employees Essay”, n.d.
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