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In this research, we pay attention to the objective of the study in regards to term limit within the Michigan State, the statement problem, the background of the study. The work of this research is to analyze and compare various bills passed before and after the term limit…
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Term Limits in Michigan State
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Download file to see previous pages It is well established that ancient Athens consisted 500 councils who rotated the whole membership on an annual basis as well as the Ephorate in antique Sparta also followed term limit policy within the states rotation process. In regards to various scholars and historians like Garrett Fagan suggested that term limits were an exercised that was in force to ensure that corruption aspect never existed indeed.
The run of office termed the curcus honorum also promises to retrieve experienced politicians towards the high echelons holding power in the antique republic. The arguments of the ancient times prompted the need to attain education, and at the same time gain from the object lessons facilitated by the democracy of the ancient times. Most United States researchers underwent education in the classics; hence, appears familiar with the rotation of offices in the olden times. From their general views, they found that terms limit served the state as a strategy to prevent the American from the danger experienced when an individual serves in the government for long periods (Lewis n.d).
During the term limit especially in the year 1738, various state levels carried out rotation experiments to establish its consequences within the governance procedural. The Pennsylvanian constitution operational during the year 1776, devised maximum service in the general assembly of the Pennsylvanian general assembly during four years in seven. During the year 1789, in the month of October continental congress facilitated the committee comprising of thirteen committee members to examine the forms of government devised for the future union of states. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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