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Identity fraud its impact and the case for prevention - Essay Example

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This paper is about the identity fraud in our modern world. With identified fraud crossing the £14 billion mark during 2008 in contemporaneous UK business settings, the arena is now all set to tackle it with determination, not only due to its perceptible legal immunity but also the detriment it poses to the UK economy…
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Identity fraud its impact and the case for prevention
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Download file to see previous pages The paper describes and shows identify fraud from all sides. Identify fraud could be said to be crimes committed through impersonation. The most common bad act is the crime of credit card fraud, but mortgage fraud, and also gaining access to the finances of a specified targeted person or a frame of a targeted person falls within what mass media reports of identity theft have included. Identity fraud is one of the crimes which spread widely. For every one identity is important. In the present time it is a valuable commodity. Importance of identity protection needs to be reinforced with time. That means the introduction of internet banking, debit or credit cards,
E-commerce etc. need to be doubly protected against infiltrators or fraudsters who design to commit large scale fraud through misuse and misrepresentation of true identities. Though the internet creates milestones in the milieu of information technology, it could often fall prey to criminal brains and their perpetrations. Thus, the propensity for thefts is on the increase and the chances of detection are also on the increase. So the user must be aware of identity fraudsters and the scam in their field. Users need to stake their true identity to prove who are authorized to use credit cards, operate bank accounts, and obtain bank loans, or to claim any other benefits. Lack of proper and due care with respect to identity protection could make one an unsuspecting victim of identity theft, and even when this is detected, it may be too late to remedy.
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