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ECDL as a Vehicle for Inclusion - Essay Example

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This paper "ECDL as a Vehicle for Inclusion" focuses on the world that has become a fast evolving and growing place with innovations like hybrid cars, tourism in space and alternate fuel being introduced to the people. However even after such technological advancements there exist people in the world who are disabled and not able to live with as much independence as the rest of us…
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ECDL as a Vehicle for Inclusion
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Extract of sample "ECDL as a Vehicle for Inclusion"

Download file to see previous pages As these problems mostly start on at an early age, people with disabilities learn to adjust to them and work working them at an early stage as well. These people are not incapable of doing anything, however, the society and the people in the environment around them make their disabilities more pronounced than they are. These people should be allowed to work in the corporate world, hospitals and any other profession that is to their liking without discrimination. The society has to be more broadminded and open to them as they are capable of providing us with very unique and innovative ideas. This is true and can be seen by the economic theory, the Game theory which was summed up by John Nash who himself struggled with schizophrenia.
Disabilities can be genetic or can occur with old age. On one side where there are people who are either born with disabilities or suffer from them early on in their life. On the other hand, there are people who start suffering from disabilities as they grow old and start to age. Such disabilities usually come with age and are symptoms or results of ageing diseases. Examples of such include Parkinson’s, in which people lose their sense of balance to certain degrees and the Alzheimer disease, where the brain starts forgetting things resulting in imminent death. However having these disabilities does not mean that people suffering from them should stop living or stop having ambitions, they can work just like us and one prime example of a person who has had Parkinson’s disease since a very early age and still has been working despite the hindrances that his condition posed is prominent actor Michael J. Fox.
In some cases featuring mild learning disability, it may seem to people that the person with the disability has been cured with age as the child approaches the age of 22. Actually, this cannot be any more far from the truth as these diseases are a lifelong disease which runs the course of one's natural life but they can be circumvented by using lecturing and training strategies.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(ECDL As a Vehicle for Inclusion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 Words)
ECDL As a Vehicle for Inclusion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 Words.
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