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An author of the current writing seeks to discuss the benefits of fast-paced living and compare it to a normal lifestyle. The writer suggests that it is this balance that is needed, and with this balance, we can help people deal with problems arriving from being fast paced all the time…
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Living a Fast-Paced Life Style
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It seems most people you meet today are running a thousand miles a second. People are always in a hurry to get somewhere, and in today’s fast paced society, where time is money, people are in even more of a hurry. It seems there is always more things to do that there is time to do them, more activities to complete than hours in the day, and then you wake up the next day with things you forgot to do yesterday piled on top of the new day’s deadlines. There are many different perspectives on the effects of this fast lived life on those who live it.
As with any situation, there are positives and negatives in living a fast paced speedy life. For some people, working all the time is a rush, a “natural high.” They like waiting until the last second so they have to crunch to get things done. They enjoy working at the 11th hour. Feeling the pressure that they know they need to get the work done, they are able to get it done quickly and efficiently, much more so then if they weren’t working against the ever ticking clock. Also, some people like being busy, and would rather have a million of things to do then to have to sit around and do nothing. Some people find a pile of paper work more refreshing than a break, and would rather have to speedily work around the clock then sit and be idle. They are the “busy bees” of our society, and they keep working even when they don’t have to, working all the time quickly is their passion and their love for life is lived through it.
There are also negatives to living such a fast paces live style. If you are constantly in motion, you tend to wear out quickly, as discussed in "Burned Out and Bored" by Ronald Dahl. If you are not moving all the time you can become bored, and you also can miss out on the finer things in life. Ronald Dahl also discuses the problem of sleep depravation becoming a habit for kids who are constantly seeking the next exciting thing to do when they find time, and sometimes compromise sleep for this. Bad habits like this, he says, can be hard to break later in life. People can also become moody, and emotional problems can arise from always being in motion.
On the other hand, I believe you need a balance. I find it is nice to sometimes have a lot of work that needs to get done, as it helps me work quickly and efficiently. I also however, find that I need time to just be alone and chill sometimes. This helps be receive both the benefits of being in a fast paced world, as well as the benefits of slowing down when I need to. I believe it is this balance that is needed, and with this balance we can help people deal with problems arriving from being fast paced all the time. The answer may seem simple, but moderation could in fact be the key to solving the fast paced problem the younger generations seem to have. Read More
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Living a Fast-Paced Life Style Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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