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Engineering - Essay Example

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Engineering is the application of scientific and technical knowledge to solve human problems where Engineers use their imagination, judgment and reasoning to apply science, technology, mathematics, and practical experience. The design, production, and operation of useful objects or processes are the final outcomes of this process.
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Extract of sample "Engineering"

Download file to see previous pages The few types of engineering that are minimally constrained by such issues are pro bono engineering and open design engineering.
Engineering has often been seen as a more or less dull, uninteresting field in popular culture, and has also been thought to be the domain of nerds. For example, the cartoon character Dilbert is an engineer.
Engineers are seen to be respected yet ridiculed for their intense beliefs and interests, which might owe its origin to the fact that they have deep understanding of the interconnectedness of many things. Thus, engineers such as Governor John H. Sununu, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Nuclear Physicist Edward Teller, are often driven into politics to "fix things" for the public good.
While it appears as though Engineers still only need a bachelor's degree to obtain a lucrative position that receives respect from the public, in fact it is only through a life-time of devotion to their field and the further advancement of their own technical knowledge that they might arrive at such a destination.
While the origin charts out as simply as possible, the journey of the engineer from days of stone tools to a variety of mechanisms and the mechanics that facilitate easy functioning, the category of "what makes an Engineer" shows us the ingredients t...
ible, the journey of the engineer from days of stone tools to a variety of mechanisms and the mechanics that facilitate easy functioning, the category of "what makes an Engineer" shows us the ingredients that an engineer is made up and the factors that co exist in his professional live to churn out ideas, designs and actual solutions.
Moving onto the issue of the importance of an engineer, one can safely state that engineers have an effect upon the kind of world we thrive in out of all proportion to their numbers, making it important for all of us to understand how they choose and plan the changes they make, for these are the things that influence, strongly and directly, the way we live from day to day.
The Engineer's current plight is then described in terms of structural, administrative, participative and perceptional points. An Engineer's level of functioning is compared to various other streams in terms of his contribution and declining numbers.
This point also serves as an introduction to the model proposed for the betterment of an Engineer's status in society today, in context of reasons as to why the world needs to sit up and take notice of the efforts of these professionals whose lives are dedicated to making ours' more worthwhile.
Summary 4
The Socially Integrative Model covers the following points:
Development of State of the Art Institutions
Integrated Training Programs
Orientation in Influence & Participation Issues
Increased Cultural Presence
Representative Bodies for Professional Engineers
The synthesis of this study and presentation lie in this five tier model, which has been arrived at as a result of a great amount of research as well as interaction with various Engineers from varied streams, who have worked in various time periods ranging from ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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