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Parenting licence - Essay Example

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The author in this article argues that parenting is a skill that needs to be regulated and monitored with the license. Just like a driver needs driving license to be able to drive and demonstrate his skills, it is important that parents are required to do the same…
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Parenting licence
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Extract of sample "Parenting licence"

Download file to see previous pages However not every person is a born parent or a natural when it comes to looking after small human beings. We need to see children as human beings who are so often left either unattended or uncared for when parents are busy with their lives. Parents think they know how to be good parents but the fact of the matter is that many parents don't. Some may learn through trial and error but why use a real human being as your experiment's guinea pig. Kids are too precious for this kind of experimentation. Therefore before a couple takes on the responsibility of becoming parents, they should be asked to take classes and sit for an exam in order to receive their parenting license. It is only after they have been successful that they should be allowed to become parents and become responsible for another life.
There was once a time when mothers would sit at home and their only job was to take care of their kids. Most women were housewives and since they had time on their hands, they could invest in their kids with sincerity and devotion. Things have changed now. Not only many mothers are working, most also have a life besides home, husband and kids. They may have done women emancipation a lot of good but it has seriously affected lives of small children in many households. Apart from that, some women no matter whether they are housewives or not, may actually find themselves too overwhelmed when they are given the responsibility of a child. They feel they are not natural mothers and this affects their ability to take care of their young ones. For this reason again, parenting license is a great idea.
The opponents of the idea would probably find the whole thing quite insensible. They argue that parents have been parenting since time immemorial so why now Why must they take a license when God saw them fit for the job and gave them a kid These arguments may seem fine on the surface but when studied in the context of time and changes, we see their invalidity. The fact is that God doesn't necessarily give kids to people with good parenting abilities. We have already seen cases of people like Spears and Michael Jackson. Secondly, people may have been doing it for centuries but haven't times changed drastically As mentioned earlier, women in olden times had but one concern: to please their husbands and take care of their children. Most women did a great job because they had little else to do and besides even if they did a bad job, they were never reported and children suffered in silence. Why allow that kind of inhumanity when we can change the picture and make lives so much better for these little souls.
The opponents also feel that such a system cannot be successfully implemented. They feel that setting the standards would be difficult and how would we urge parents to take parenting courses. There is a simple solution to this: make it mandatory in every hospital across the country so no first time parents are allowed to register without prior registration for parenting classes. They must also carry a proof they are attending these classes and they must get a license before delivery date. This would be quite a simple thing to do and if law protects it, people will not be able to violate it. A poor parent can learn many skills and a potential great parent can become even better. This kind of practice would minimize the risk of a child being neglected or falling into the hands of unprepared, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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