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Childhood - Essay Example

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Childhood is an early period in the life of a person. It is one of the most interesting phases of growth in a human person. This period is important for the individual child but for the society as well. Childhood is a broad term that is specifically used to refer to his phase of development in humans which is specifically between influence and adulthood…
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Childhood Essay
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Download file to see previous pages Childhood is also a period of intense development when there are many changes that are taking place in the body. In the whole life cycle of a human being, childhood remains the period when there is a lot of growth and a lot of learning as well. (Corsaro 2004, p. 76)
Therefore childhood has been shown to be one of the most important periods in the life of a person. It is a period of dependence as a child depends on all others for their growth and development. For full development during childhood, there is need to have a holistic approach in order to full growth and development.
There has been a changing perspective of childhood. There has been a structured change in childhood constructs which has been influences by the changing society. The childhood of yesterday has changes and it is totally different from the childhood of today although the aspect of childhood remains the same. There has been a change from a society perspective of childhood to a global perspective which has led to globalization of childhood. This paper will look at the changing construct of childhood as influenced by the experiences in school and work. (Heywood 2001, p. 82)
Researches into the early perspectives of childhood shows the as early as seventeenth century, childhood were taken to be one of the most important periods in the life of a...
This shows that from the early studies we can learn that children were not taken same as adults. Since then there has been increasing researches into childhood and its constructs. Studies have revealed that children were loved and revered in the past. As it is today, children were as special beings who needed the love and care of their parent. (James and Pout 2001, p. 42)
Children were seen as simple small version of adults and there was little attention that was paid to these children. There was not systematic recognition of the changes that were taking place in their development. This construction of childhood limited the knowledge that the early society had not the cognitive abilities, language usage, and physical growth of a child which were necessary for the growth and development of a whole child. There was more focus that was paid to the abnormal behaviors of the children rather than that normal behavior of children. (Wu and Davidson 1989, p. 23)
However as time changed there was also dramatic change into how the society perceived children. Studies have shown that there have been a changing look at childhood which has been influenced by the surrounding conditions that we live in. the early man could have looked well and refereed childhood but this change with the coming of industrialization. During the industrialization era in the west there was increased use of children in the labor force. This has been attributed to the waning economic fortune and hardships which forced children to participate in the economic activities. (Maybin and Woodhead 2003, p. 32)
However for all that time it has been shown that the society perspective of childhood has not changed much. Even in the industrialization era, childhood was still taken as precious period by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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