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Case: A social worker gets a request from a disabled man, Arthur, for a service that would help him a lot. The worker initially agreed to Arthur's request but later found that the concerned managers only seem to think about money or might be bound with some limitation…
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Social Work Value and Ethics
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Download file to see previous pages It would also not be fair to say that the managers are interested in money as managing something lesser or bigger need to be as per the budget and no manager can over shoot the budget despite the fact that the required service has been made by the needy (Backett, & Manyard, 2005).
So, in order to continue with the balancing act which means giving priority to service user needs and interests but at the same time giving equal importance to the existence and role of others involved, a social worker should concentrate more on providing able assistance to those who need services. They shouldn't make promises of something which is beyond their purview. The worker should try to understand the need of Arthur and then convey it to the authorities who could be instrumental in getting a solution as soon as possible. Also, the worker should keep Arthur updated with the various steps of procedures of a requisition and the possible time frame for getting the same. A straight forward promise and not keeping the same and at the same time blaming others would diminish the hope generated into minds of the sufferer. The whole purpose of community service gets lost if the social worker couldn't maintain the hope ignited.
Case: As a social worker, I am against abortion and some client wishes to discuss having an abortion. In a case, a pregnant 16-year-old girl, abruptly left home and made arrangements for an abortion. The Court sympathized with both the parents and their daughter in this painful dispute. Nonetheless, the legal issue was clear ' could this 16-year-old girl give a valid consent to a therapeutic abortion' She was competent to give a valid consent and her parents' wishes were not relevant. The Court stated that the parental right to make treatment decisions for a child terminates if and when the child achieves a sufficient understanding and intelligence to fully comprehend the proposed treatment (Backett, & Manyard, 2005).
Many people all across world wouldn't accept some necessary evils like abortion or euthanasia. A social worker could have similar opinion built up by a socialization process that begins with the messages conveyed by parents and later in schools and peer groups. Its not something absolute but a result of the convolution that finally shapes ourselves. It also gets influenced by culture; conservative or modern and the mass media. But the actual strength of character gets displayed when we realize the fact that despite all some socially achieved values doesn't necessarily close any scope for conflicts. Its not something unusual if we find ourselves not in agreement with other people and their needs. For a social worker, there is a must to understand that the very nature of social work is that of rediscovering itself at difficult places and not just once but at many places, there would be significant level of clash between societal and personal value and need of the profession and code of ethics. It may require a lot of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Work Value and Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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