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My Future Career Goals - Essay Example

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The paper "My Future Career Goals" describes that now I find myself going out on a limb merely by suggesting that perhaps we need more education and discussion around such topics as alternative medicine, ethics in the pharmaceutical industry, and medical practices …
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My Future Career Goals
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Download file to see previous pages Occupational interests and values can also change considerably over the life course, but I suppose that medicine and health-related professions will never be changed greatly. Now, I am a freshman in college, but I have a strong interest in pursuing a medical field that will be related to sports. I suppose that with the nature of jobs and personal interests both changing, searching for a good fit between the two has the potential to be a lifelong project. At the same time, I understand that some choices I make with respect to my career will open doors to other opportunities.
I have always admired my paediatrician, a young doctor who was always so cool and nice to me. I am grateful to him because this doctor sparked my interest in medicine, as well as my love for the sciences. During this period of time, it occurred to me that I wanted to do what he did —interesting and challenging work. On the other hand, I am fond of sport and baseball. My secret dream is to be drafted into the Major Leagues, but this is highly unlikely, so I would like to join my passion, sport, and my love for the sciences and medicine.
I can say that my choice of medical career is not accidental because I am thinking about medical school for years, on and off. During college, I take the sciences and the required courses, but I do not apply right away because I want to be absolutely certain that I am applying for the right reasons. I decide to take a year or two to work in clinical research, to gain some perspective and experience. I think that in medical school I will face some new realities. I know that I will have to establish a connection with new friends as soon as possible since I will be in a new city without a support group.
Some jobs are more sought after and inspire more competition than others because of factors such as demand, location, reputation, work environment, and research opportunities. In recent years, the demand for speciality training in sports medicine, dermatology, orthopaedics, emergency medicine, and neurosurgery has been high, increasing competition for positions in these specialities. In the past, other specialities were the most competitive—for example, anesthesia was once the most difficult residency position to secure. One of the most important ways a student can increase the chances of obtaining a choice internship or residency spot is receiving honors in surgery and internal medicine clerkships. I am a diligent and persistent person, motivated and responsible that will help me to cope with possible difficulties and pursue my career goals. In medical school, students must cope with unique challenges and must acquire new skills, in an ever-changing, high-pressure environment. In a pre-clinical class, for example, students may have to adapt to as many as ten different lecturers for a single class and be able to decipher what each of them expects. With each new program, students enter a new work environment and must constantly adapt to different personalities, working styles, assumptions and biases of colleagues, and evaluation systems. The rules seem to change daily, and students must be able to adjust instantly. In addition to learning how to perform the basic tasks, medical students are expected to be reading and mastering the foundations of each core program.
Although I am majoring in biology and have plans to be in some health-related field, the particular field, or speciality is still undecided. My interests range from Pediatrics, Chiropractic, Sports Medicine, Orthodontist and Physical Therapy. I believe that we need more doctors who understand sports medicine and sports psychology. I can say that the medical profession mostly takes a dim view of sports medicine and psychology of sportsmen. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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