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Areer plans - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay focuses on future career plans it is therefore very direct and comprehensive as he plans out to shape up his actions and behaviors in line with the changing requirements of the times. It means that he has to solidly find out ways for future prospects…
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Areer plans
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Extract of sample "Areer plans"

Сareer plans
My future career plans are to attain what I have thought for my own self. This would mean that I remain strong and head-on as far as my work manifestations are concerned. I am focused on the mission to equip myself with the luxuries that life offers an individual and this can only be made possible when there are all-out efforts and endeavors on my part to make it happen through hard work, dedication and complete commitment. In order to reach where I want to be in the future, I need to devise plans and strategies so that my work flows are facilitated with the passage of time. It will mean that I have to solidly find out ways and means through which my future prospects could be made better and more efficient (Bridgstock, 2011). I would have to study harder and get my hands on the different tactics and tools to make sure that I remain one step ahead of the competition that is offered to me through the other students present in the college. My college career plans are therefore very direct and comprehensive as I plan out to shape up my actions and behaviors in line with the changing requirements of the times. My business writing prowess will instill in me a sense of confidence that shall shape up my work tasks professionally and allow me to move forward in the future. It will make me feel in line with the business realms where I will my best professional capacities defined in the coming times.
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Bridgstock, Ruth. Skills for creative industries graduate success. Education + Training, 53(1), 2011 Read More
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