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'Gendered' realm' of international politics - Article Example

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Men do not cry, at least not in public. This is a general truism that is accepted as being natural in most parts of the world. Every time that a female president or national leader is elected, it is considered a historic event. Yet we purport that we are in the age of female liberation where women have had more freedom than they have ever had before…
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Gendered realm of international politics
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Extract of sample "'Gendered' realm' of international politics"

Download file to see previous pages There are circumstances that can make a woman feel like her sex is a trap of sorts, an anchor that weighs her down, and a chain that is like a tether which determines the circumference of how far she can go. The traditional mindset has clear guidelines of what the two sexes can and are meant to do. A man has the image of the leader, right from the home where he is the breadwinner and the head of the house (Tickner & Sjosburg, 2007 ) .
This role playing is cast further afield to the institutions that run our societies; the man is considered to be the natural leader and the woman is the assistant. In what position does this leave the woman in these supposedly modern times where the force of modern liberation has 'opened' up opportunities for women in leadership' Are men and women on an equal platform when it comes to leadership opportunities, especially'
The question of gender equity is all pervasive; it is not limited to certain aspects of life or work. The momentum has been gathering on the struggle for equal opportunities for women as there are for men. ...
International politics is indeed a gender realm because there are still clich'd and stereotypical views on the role that women are meant to play in society. The acceptance of women being capable leaders has only gotten impetus in recent years (Ticker & Sjosburg, 2007).
What are the indicators that international politics is a gender issue, how many female leaders are actively involved in international politics, what view do men and women themselves hold concerning the role that the latter play in international politics' Answering these questions will facilitate the understanding how international politics is a 'gendered realm'.
Feminist theories on international relations
International relations is defined by Halliday (1995) as being the study of the what constitutes the international system in terms of foreign affairs and interregional concerns, which are directed and seen to by heads of states, inter-governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and multinational corporations.
Feminist international relations theory tries to analyze what the traditional role of women has been in international politics (Halliday, 1995). Feminists have advanced several theories as to why women have so far played such a small role in international affairs. These theories are diverse. When Enloe asks 'where are the women'' (Enloe, 2000) it is in a half ironic manner, because unlike her predecessors she acknowledges that there are women who play a part in international relations: as wives, secretaries, sex workers or even poster girls. But the role played by these women is one that is considered so minor it is no t worth noting. For too long, the women have remained stuck in these positions, watching from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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