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Providing Services for Human Sexuality and Well-being - Essay Example

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One of the major parts of an individual's life is his sexuality - it affects them from the moment they were born until they die no matter where they are and their nationality. …
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Providing Services for Human Sexuality and Well-being
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"Providing Services for Human Sexuality and Well-being"

Download file to see previous pages The most evident means in integrating an individual's sexuality is through their actual gender (Molina, 1999). Being a male or a female could already totally affect one's sexuality. Men and women are different in so many ways even from the smallest aspects to the most salient features - males and females walk, stand and sit differently from one another, both also have their own definite way in looking at something, both will have different opinions about a certain matter, both think in a very distinctive way. Nonetheless, one does not have to go into the psychological details of being a male or a female since physically, the two genders already show numerous differences, from the shape of the face to their body structure as a whole.

This aspect of differences is explained by a branch of science called biology - it explains about sexual differentiation, sexual response and sex hormones. It is through sexual differentiation that not only the outer physical attributes of male and female differ but also their sexual reproduction (Bancroft, 2002). Gender is determined in this area, the X and Y chromosomes are the designated determinants of what a male or a female is (an XY chromosome suggests a male while and XX chromosome implies a female). Based on this biological sexual differentiation, the majority of the society only has two rooms form gender identity and that is for a boy and for a girl, unfortunately, it is not always that sexual differentiation and chromosome development produce what is considered as right, correct and acceptable. There have been various cases of intersex or also known as hermaphroditism which is labeled as a “sexual disorder” and “chromosome anomaly” (Fallon, Jr., 2002)....
There have been various cases of intersex or also known as hermaphroditism which is labeled as a "sexual disorder" and "chromosome anomaly" (Fallon, Jr., 2002).

Consequently, sexual response referred to the sexual arousal and changes in the body physiologically (Bancroft, 2002). It is also referred to as a psychosomatic circle in which changes that occur in the genitalia affect the processes of the central brain procedures. What is sexual is different among people as what is sexual for one will not be sexual for the other; it depends on the experiences that the person has undergone or the culture that he has lived in and has been accustomed to (Bancroft, 2002).
Sexual response is considered as a cognitive activity where it is both a perception and an evaluation (Walen & Roth, 1987, as cited by Molina, 1999). As a perception, it has three basic essentials which are detection - which refers to the capability of the person in identifying stimulus and differentiating it from the other of its type, labeling - which pertains to the categorizing of the stimulus occurrence by the person, and attribution - which refers to the overall articulated rationalization of the whole perception. The said three features could greatly affect the overall sexual performance of a person (Molina, 1999).

Lastly, sex hormones is said to be important factor in influencing sexual behavior (Molina, 1999). The hormones that are being secreted by the different glands in the human body, it is solely responsible for why sexual differentiation exists. Male and female, though they are said to be producing the same hormones, differ in the amount of the hormones being produced. Thus, they are not the same - for example, males ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Providing Services for Human Sexuality and Well-Being Essay. https://studentshare.org/people/1501792-providing-services-for-human-sexuality-and-well-being.
“Providing Services for Human Sexuality and Well-Being Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/people/1501792-providing-services-for-human-sexuality-and-well-being.
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