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The problems faced by dependent people - Research Paper Example

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Nowadays, dependent people and their caretakers/companions face a number of problems because empathy is rare in the modern world. But the fact that some are ready to take care of dependent people is important because the same proves the readiness to help others…
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The problems faced by dependent people
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Extract of sample "The problems faced by dependent people"

Download file to see previous pages Thes is statement: The discussion based on the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck proves that both the dependent people with issues and their caretakers/companions are forced to face serious problems like rejection, isolation, unexpected troubles, emotional trauma, and unfulfilled dreams.
One can see that rejection is one among the problems faced by dependent people/caretakers in the mainstream society. To be specific, the main characters in the novel face rejection because they were migrant laborers. Besides, Lennie Small, one of the main characters faced rejection in the society because he was not a normal individual. He used to depend upon others to lead normal life in the society. On the other hand, his friend and protector, named George Milton, faced the problem of rejection because he used to support Lennie. So, both the characters face the same problem of rejection. Michael J. Meyer states that, “But there is another dimension alongside in Of Mice and Men that implies a moral universe in which the strong are not to be praised for their oppression of the weak (as in the case of Lennie and Candy) or different. One can see that rejection based on one’s abnormal behavior or supporting the same cannot be justified because an abnormal individual is not responsible for his/her deeds. Instead, his/her abnormal behavior is related to the improper functioning of human brain. In the novel, George is aware of the fact that the society treats Lennie as an outcast because he is an abnormal individual. ...
So, George decides to be the caretaker of Lennie. But this did not change the cruel behavior of the people towards Lennie. One can see that Lennie was so innocent that he did not provide any importance to the rejection faced by him in the society. Instead, he considered George a father figure and depended upon him. On the other side, rejection deeply influenced Georges mind because he was aware of the after-effect of rejection. Catherine Reef states that, “George now understands that being responsible for Lennie means protecting other people from his bearish strength” (66). But he did not decide to abandon Lennie because he was aware of the fact that Lennie cannot lead a peaceful/normal life without a supporter. So, one can see that rejection in the society forced the main characters to think about future and fight against the odd happenings in their lives. Besides, the novel exposes the far-reaching effect of rejection because both the main characters are portrayed as victims of the same. Within the context of the problems faced by the dependent people and their caretakers, rejection leads to isolation in the society. One can see that some of the dependent people are aware of their mental defects. So, they decide to keep away themselves from other individuals. They gradually reject the society and lead lonely lives. On the other side, some other dependent people are not aware of the fact that the society provides less importance to the problems faced by them. They never realize that they need support to lead peaceful lives. Within the context of the novel, Lennie is not aware of the fact that the society considers him as an abnormal individual. Instead, he tries to deal with others in an innocent way. But this innocence added with abnormality results in a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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