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The Third World - Essay Example

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Differences between developing and developed countries – Developing countries are generally characterized by their high level of poverty, illiteracy and population growth. These are mainly agriculture based poor, rural countries. They also tend to show a lack of basic…
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The Third World
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"The Third World"

Download file to see previous pages The political conditions of many of these countries are extremely unstable, like in Somalia and Afghanistan, leading to the conditions described as ‘failed states’. Such unstable political picture also in turn leads to failing economic conditions which in turn give rise to increase in chaos and antisocial activities in the country, thus showing deteriorating social conditions. Developed countries on the other hand, show strong and stable economic and political conditions. The social conditions of these developed countries are extremely good with all sorts of facilities readily available to all its citizens. Health infrastructure is very well developed and population rate low. Basic education is made available to all people whose lifestyles show a certain standard of living. Kuznets analyses the differences between a developing and a developed country and tells us “the former have no ‘middle’ classes: there is a sharp contrast between the preponderant proportion of the population whose average income is below the generally low countrywide average, and a small top group with a very large relative income excess. The developed countries on the other hand are characterized by a much more gradual rise from a low to high income shares…” (cited in Fields, 60).
Asian, African and Latin American countries generally are clubbed together to form the developing countries. Canadian, American, European countries along with Japan are generally treated as the developed countries. However many developing countries are now progressing fast and are catching up with the developed countries. These include China, India, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and the oil rich Middle East countries.
The origins and importance of the liberal/orthodox approach to the study of the third world, exemplified by modernization theory and its strengths and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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