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Applying Family Theories in the Assessment and Treatment of Alcohol Abuse - Research Paper Example

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The paper 'Applying Family Theories in the Assessment and Treatment of Alcohol Abuse" discusses that developing a treatment plan governed by a family theory needs systematic procedure and thinking. Presently, according to Hester and Sheehy, there are eight theories of alcohol dependency and abuse…
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Extract of sample "Applying Family Theories in the Assessment and Treatment of Alcohol Abuse"

Download file to see previous pages A number of studies have discovered enlarged levels of alcohol dependence and/or abuse in family members of substance abusers in comparison to family members of alcohol-dependent individuals or those from the mainstream population.
According to the health profiles of familial alcohol abuse, genetic factors play a major role in alcohol dependency. The twin, adoption, and family research substantiate the familial transfer of drug and alcohol dependence and associate genetic variables (Stelle & Scott, 2007). Epidemiological research has demonstrated that alcohol dependence is often aggravated by comorbid psychiatric disorders (Freeman, 2001). It has been discovered that 47 per cent of alcohol abusers have another mental problem, and a large fraction of this comorbidity is attributed to substance abuse (Freeman, 2001, 62). Individuals with mental health disorders, like bipolar disorder, depression, or anxiety are also classified as high risk, since alcohol may be exploited as a way to self-medicate (Stelle & Scott, 2007). Lastly, alcohol addiction includes all the signs of alcohol abuse, yet it also includes another component: a physical addiction to alcohol (Stelle & Scott, 2007). If an individual depends on alcohol to live or sense a physical urge to consume alcohol, s/he is considered an alcoholic.
The introductory section already presented a summary of the health profile of the high-risk family group. The following sections will discuss the assessment of familial alcohol abuse using the nursing theories of Dorothea Orem and Jean Watson, the appropriate nursing intervention strategies using different components of the family systems theory, and the role of the advanced practice nurse as a case manager of familial alcohol abuse.
According to Dorothea Orem, when there is a possibility to adequately care for oneself and the person has the capacity to fulfill the possibility, self-care is feasible.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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