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The Food Culture of American Nation - Essay Example

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This essay describes that every nation has different eating habits, food culture and specific set of ingredients that play an important role in forming up the society at large. For example, the history of evolution of different cuisines is much diversified when it comes to American culture…
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The Food Culture of American Nation
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Extract of sample "The Food Culture of American Nation"

Download file to see previous pages At start there were only three meal times, but later the healthy lifestyle promoters enforce the people to take four to five meals in a day. The quantity in each meal is reduced and the servings per day increases, this keeps the metabolism rate of the people high and it decreases the obesity. The latest concept in the food culture of America after fast food is lean meals or green meals.As Americans have seen how the consumption of fast food is effecting them, they are getting bit confused when they have to decide what to eat so there is constant battle between the organic food items as well as the natural food items. Eating habits and food habits make a very important impact on the social and political scenario of any country. The general attitude of Americans is lazy towards cooking healthy meals so they want anything that is quick, convenient and easy to afford and only one type of food item clicks your mind here that is fast food or junk food.Anything that looks yummy, fulfilling, and exotic and pleases aesthetically Americans are ready to spend their money on that food item. The new fast food for America is organic food these days as their food ethics are changing over time and they are moving towards healthy life style. The organic food is not cheaper or more tasty but it obviously is healthier. The food contains all the nutrients that are necessary to have a healthy mind and body.(Ray) mentioned in their book that around fifty million Americans are following the new American culture and food ethic now which is healthier. The author distinguished three groups on the basis of food consumption that are cultural creatives, moderns and traditionalists.
[Rep99] has categorized two types of consumers in American food culture which are new green mainstream and the true naturals. These are very much similar to that of cultural creatives. The focus of the consumers is upon seasonally fresh, locally grown and minimally processed food items or you can say socially responsible food system.
The burgers, Pizzas and spicy, oily foods are getting bit out of scenario in American culture and other green and low calorie food items are becoming part of dinner menus.
While the diet and food culture in America is getting healthier, it is not same when it comes to Asia. The cooking methods, food ingredients and consumption trends in Asia are widely diversified. People believe in using more wheat, rice, oils, spices and herbs in their local cuisines. The focus is on the taste development instead of the consumption of balanced healthy diet. Ginger, Garlic, Onions, Tomatoes, red and green chilies are a necessity almost in every typical Asian dish. There is a large quantity of oil used which is not that beneficial but it improves the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Food Culture of American Nation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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